(EXE) i.e. Applications:     Last updated on 2017/2561 6 9, a full moon day;

running to job; running to program; Radical189;

2017 / 2560, and beyond;   no more executable (EXE) because, Idea Processor and its instructions can be beyond DIM, doko WHERE simple phrases can be instructed & understood e.g. computer knows WHAT I'm doing, my AI programs become smarter than me (e.g. my computer fetches and prompts me necessary items related to WHAT I'm doing, i.e. one of the computer IQ s); Also see: Radicals;

Programmable interfaces or configurable interfaces; Because of technical difficulties, if applications (e.g. *.exe files) are not functional, following contents should be voided, i.e. don't waste time to execute the following contents;

2555 . 時 Time Ticks




2555 . 24mm Natural Time Clock

  Time Ticks Remark: a simple clock, with 1 timer, "lord of the ring" prompts if mouse focus on the label box 123456789 ... ; no groups of colors; not intended for gravity dimension computer; all namespaces i.e. 130+ namespaces, are imported and referenced inside; no sign the Click Once manifests, and no sign the assembly; Its security i.e. no debug this application ... , no grant the application access ... ; no publish, okay with either offline or online; no prerequisites to install; no application updates, therefore no need to check periodically; 126KB; 2011/2/3 12:34:56; Also see: 3;

24mm Natural Time Clock Remark: The one & only clock, not similar to taskbar's clock, because it can be adjusted with groups of defined colors ... ; Its interval is 1sen; 3 groups are 2x5, 2x6, and 2x7;  This program's idea is intended to be using iroColourWaveForm as system's clock for gravity dimension computer, WHAT light can be fetched as instruction ... ; Clicking on ... >> 24mm >> Getting or Representing ... >> fixed characteristic of ... for another system; IFF testing, no moon day is recommended because true space system started secretly on no moon day 40+ years ago in 1970s ... ; When running the application, 88% transparency, because, this application form's opacity is 0.88; IFF Monbusho level system developing, dimension and time line's distance must be scientifically analyze and develop ... ; Codes are written in VB with exFAT E:\ WHICH is Toshiba USB3.0 External Drive, compiled by Windows7 with NTFS C:\, therefore, might not be running on old versions e.g. XP, Vista, ... ; Neither Export nor Publish, reduce to 147KB only; Also see: Clock; WORMHOLE, 3 surfaces are in distance, if 1 time line e.g. using 24mm only, for basic understanding, e.g. using SQRT2 only, because common Myanmar in "stone age" with old tech ... ;

IFF 2,3 dimensional and 1 minute different, also see: Orbit; DEE;

2554 . Lucky88...88

Due to technological difficulties, THIS program might not be working on all kinds of operating systems;

  IT\Executable Application\Lucky88...88.exe, compiled by VB2010; also read, Lucky7, Chapter2, Microsoft Visual Basic 2008 Step by Step, Microsoft Press;

Each time, WHEN user clicks the spin button, logic checks top's 3 boxes whether 8 or not, if lucky 8 ... ; also see: Testing.htm#Lucky88...88;

IFF 1, whole numbers in quantity < 2, randomly;
IFF 2, whole numbers in quantity < 3, randomly;
IFF 3, whole numbers in quantity < 4, randomly;
IFF 4, whole numbers in quantity < 5, randomly;
IFF 5, whole numbers in quantity < 6, randomly;
... ;

2554 . AnOrbiter_TheUniverse   Desktop\システム\usamyanmar.net\ An Orbiter _The Universe .exe; VB2008 file is converted by *.sln, and then compiled by VB2010;
2552 . OS   a.k.a. AI global characters ... ; work with any existing character sets e.g. Unicode, UTF-8, ... ; also see: OS .txt a.k.a. AI OS;
Reduce design: e.g. <10MB of functional codes can be performed by 50KB;
 each character has its own artificial intelligence, so pivotal technique can be developed;
Ready Made Directory   As a result of 2.01 system testing, ready made directory was created;

IFF backend servers, notice the different between (PC) link and ㈰link, because A based to "light rate" based ... ;

2.01   \\Desktop\*.* have been tested with 2.01 system, and 2.01 is USB functional;

Prior to FS 2.01 [approx. before 2003], WHEN Standard I/O aka keyboard was READ, system prompts 3 lights such as Number Lock light, Cap Lock light, and Scroll Lock light; After USB with 3 buses a.k.a. FS 2.01, systems no longer prompt such 3 lights, and system's USB Hub shifts its I/O both keyboard AND mouse;OS software installation becomes very difficult due to multiple buses configuration, IFF manually step by step, stage after stage ... , on the other hand, OS software installation becomes very easy due to automatic embedded configuration; 88...88;


ACTION   Originally from 2552 [2008~2009] SONY GPS system, and ACTION keyword prompts drive letter icon, plug-and-play, automatic run feature via autorun.inf file at root, operating system independent function, ... ;Also see: autorun, file:///, file..., URL..., ...;

 Novice Genetics Engineer .exe


Biometric computing application; Pending;

no Cookie .exe;




noCOOKIE browser, without cookies; Right click to print ... ; Also see: Browser; File System;

IFF testing usamyanmar.net PRODUCT ... , design requirement: common dialog a.k.a. comdlg32.ocx 02/02/2000 a.k.a. CMDIALOG, which can be download at http://activex.microsoft.com/controls/vb5/comdlg32.cab, and then copy the file into the design requirement folder ... ; Also see: noCOOKIE;

network security key: 4444444422 for wireless networks, e.g. usamyanmar.net, satellite.usamyanmar.net 2, satellite.usamyanmar.net 3, satellite.usamyanmar.net, ... ;


EngScript .exe,

Myanmar Script .exe,

Pre School English Typing .exe



Language learning for kids; English letters and numbers game for kids;Myanmar alphabet game for Myanmar kids; Pre-school English EN keyboard's key learning;   Can check whether a child has mental retardation or not;

For further info: fonts & characters can be learnt by running Character Map [i.e. c:\windows\system32\charmap.exe];

Characters such as ANSI characters, Control characters, DOS characters, HTML characters, HTML tag characters, Unicode, UTF-8, ... , are available to read by running Text Pad software, from Helios;

IFF Windows OS, 5 times on Shift key, a.k.a. Sticky key;

Chef .exe,  

Draft Survey .exe,


 Tidal .exe;



Nautical seamen utility applications;

Concerning Tidal .exe, for ACT2 stage development, further analyze never_ever_secant_y_moon_WHY;

WHY 2 times tidal waves daily?

Also see: converter; INMARSAT;

IFF 10 (a.k.a. 2*5), (MUI, e.g. exe . mui) also see: file;

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