Last updated on 2021/2564 1 28, a full moon day;     Invisibilities;     Also see: Invisibility;

invisibilities, invisibility, invisible; e.g.

../../../ Time . Space / Walls / invisibilities1; Also see: IFF our earth, time period between daily sunset time and Constellations rising time;

../../../ Time . Space / Walls / invisibilities ; e.g. day time of our earth, objects in outer space, in our universe, i.e. invisibility ... ;

invisibility engineering; in common, we can't see our back; beyond ZCS based camera, also beyond ZCS based camera sensor; structural but planets' momentum is shifted; without yellowish variations;

ijo Abnormalities (also see: xyAbnormalities) are one of the invisibilities e.g. 

living environment (artificially, naturally) can cause bad weather risks,
living environment (artificially, naturally) can cause unhealthy risks,
living environment (structural (invisibilities, invisibility, invisible)) can cause unwanted ones, ... ;

Laser Shield can be using NOT ONLY for shielding unknown lasers BUT ALSO for using to be invisible to radar (Automotive, flying object), to do so, 1st to understand ZCS (Zero Curvature Surface), 2nd to understanding HOW green ZCS is fetched to charge battery, 3rd to understanding (fetching ZCS, sliding ZCS), And Then, Laser Shield can be using ... ; Also see: Laser;

Remark: invisibility engineering, one of the highest technologies in 21st century & beyond; invisible; invisible; System variables (HTTP-EQUIV) : Name (i Oriental) = Value (invisible); System variables (HTTP-EQUIV) : Name (Time.Space) = Value (Invisibility);