Last updated on 2020/2563 1 10, a full moon day;     physics     PHYSICS;

approx. 52+ laws as info, available to read and understand;

power of the Internet must be peaceful & tranquil;

regarding physics, NIPPON are the smartest ones in our earth; WHEN this DOMAIN developer was undergrad student in Yangon University in 1980s, some physics professors already earned Ph.D. from Japan, started teaching HOW physics (e.g. coexistence, YIN and YANG, and notice that 2 is very very unique in many ways) ... ;

law; limits; Radical625;

law; regulation; Radical513;

Yang energy; Radical633;

Remark: in 21st century and beyond, you should have your own new laws ... , because of, Nested Theory of Eastern Civilization e.g. directional gravity pressure and gravity spots ((elevating, landing) of each item, object, things, ...), e.g. holes and strings (in wall method, string's direction can be defined by hole board), e.g. structural definition of human beings' parts (knowing & understanding of WHY each organ forms naturally), ... ; therefore, in 21st century and beyond, you should have your own new laws ... ; all nuclear related ones must be demolished in 21st century;

( law AND nature);

(law fifty two): in (2,3 dimensional, 3,4 dimensional) space, time can be adjusted either by hole's sizes (e.g. 1mm Hole By 24mm Natural Time ACT1 ACT2 ACT3), or iroColourWaveForm based (e.g. {11,11,11} with maroon) color; so, 2 is very very unique in many ways ... ;

because of DEE _Fan _With _Handle, we're able to adjust BLI (Body Length Index) problems on human beings livable moons; realize & understand THAT (method, procedure, technique) can be using NOT ONLY in battery engineering, BUT ALSO in Gene Therapy System, medical therapeutic ways, and so on ... ;

using this DOMAIN 's PHYSICS way naturally (to remove positive (abnormalities, diseases, disorders) tumor marker), after defining WHOM FILE, Artificial Intelligence system will know, realize, and understand WHICH location awareness to be therapeutic, WHAT kind of tumor marker to be cured remotely by PHYSICS way, and using this DOMAIN 's symbols (e.g. ( aqua blue Therapeutic Hormone Receptor, DEE _ Therapeutic Removing Tumors, green Therapeutic Hormone Receptor, Our Earth Based Tumor Remover)) As Parameters ... ;

(law fifty one): regarding Zero Curvature Surface ( ZCS) based wormhole ways, IFF structural (e.g. (108 x 108) graphic), WHEN positive and negative  prompt together within the defined structural, the graphic FILE must obey 2-sided surface based computing (e.g. 2 layers) ... ;

for better realizing & understanding the law fifty one, also see: (FILE name: ( CCWRW, CCWRWN), ( CWRW, CWRWN)) in ..\..\ Domain \ Gene Therapy System \ Basic Understanding For Idea Processing \ Basic Understanding For Idea Processing _ files ... ;

(law fifty): because of (BLI automatic adjustment, Gene Therapy System, Wrapped) , we human beings can be with any complexion, any eye color, any height, any weight, and, in addition, parents can be younger than children;

well trained kids! reply: can you explain a little bit more please sir ?

i , me , me write: 1st to understand there are 2 ways to process HOW time-gained can be (e.g. I've to die (I've to be dead) or I've to be retrospective way of building young age cells by gene therapy system (therapeutic ways of generating good genes)); 2nd to understand thoroughly the following law forty nine (i.e. HOW to solve BLI problem on human beings livable moons in our universes); 3rd to do R&D HOW to be defining Wrapped (e.g. AR (Augmented Reality), EV, remote heat sensing) ... ; after realizing & understanding 1st, 2nd, 3rd, mochiron of course! you can be WHAT ever you like to be (e.g. any complexion, any eye color, any height, any weight) ... ; Time (2 phase lunar calendar, 4 phase lunar calendar) . Space (structural). Action (wormhole way);

(law forty nine): 2 is very very unique in many ways, and WHEN 2 lights EXIST side-by-side (e.g. Directional Gravity Pressure), BLI (Body Length Index) obeys 0_ Default Light And Its Weight; Also see: DEE (Dark Energy Engineering) ... ;

because of 0_ Default Light And Its Weight, NOT ONLY gravity spot can be measured BUT ALSO growth rate, growth length, ... can also be measured; therefore, in 31 realms of beings in our universes, many different kinds EXIST ... ; another example would be: inside the Sumo ring, WHILE playing the sport, judge is with fan with handle, and sometimes left side wins, sometimes right side wins, regarding side-by-side; therefore, to solve BLI (Body Length Index) diff problem on human beings livable moons, 1st we need to understand WHEN 2 lights EXIST side-by-side, its (item, object, organ, thing, ... ) distance and weight cause BLI (Body Length Index) ... ; Remark: add your own variable DEE patterns in the "dark area" ... ; And Then, don't forget to be using iroColourWaveForm (your own defined colors side-by-side) based Directional Gravity Pressure, you well trained kids! will realize & understand BLI, growth rate, ... , And Then, do  ( BLI automatic adjustment, Gene Therapy System, Wrapped) ... ;

well trained kids! reply: HOW could that be related to Monbusho_level_knowledge_enhancement_1, idea ♯ 207, Measuring Gravity Spot sir ?

i , me , me write: so far, we've learnt THAT the biggest gravity spot is the sun in our earth (please do NOT create gravity spot bigger than the sun); we've also learnt THAT the sun as 1 way DEE; since we've been developing (6 surfaced DEE box in Z-index, 6 ZCS based DEE box in Z-index), this PHYSICS law forty nine belongs to side-by-side e.g. applying iroColourWaveForm (colors) to defined-ZCS by implementing side-by-side ... ; after deploying, implementing, testing, WHAT we've found out is THAT BLI (Body Length Index) problem on human beings livable moons can be solved, mochiron of course ! ;

well trained kids! reply: yokatta desu !!!!!; Bravo !!!!! we're able to solve BLI problem on human beings livable moons;

i , me , me write: it has been years already WHAT I assigned picture of "Origin of Water" as homework, and no one has matched (correct answer) yet; OK. take your time decades to present a picture of "Origin of Water" ... ; Remark: believe it or NOT, IT took (me ) approx. 3+ years (from 2015/2559 to 2018/2562) of R&D to gain a bit of knowledge HOW to solve BLI problem on human beings livable moons, (e.g. BLI automatic adjustment ( gene therapy system)), also see: Radical200;

(law forty eight): one of the basic symbols in Gene Therapy System, and its Gene Therapy System Basic Symbols is Instance Of Vibrating;

for better understanding WHAT is "Instance Of Vibrating" , also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 3, idea ♯ 281, we're human beings; notice & realize THAT (( left, right) 4) nesting strings are NOT in the same length, and excluding thumb, they are like our (we're human beings) fingers are, And Then, regarding ( With Water, Without Water) imaginary hyper space environment to the "Instance Of Vibrating" , IFF With Water, "worm" alike Instance without Intelligence WHAT we're getting ... so called law forty eight of this DOMAIN 's wormhole parameter (45) WHICH is one of the wormhole parameters ( 45, 60, 72) ... ; Also see: Water; Remark: as of 2018/2562, this DOMAIN 's developer has left intentionally for well trained kids! to picture "Origin of Water" ;

well trained kids! reply: can we do origami folding (90) of left and right to be together with its main line, on our wall doko WHERE we're developing 6 surfaced DEE box sir, no joke!, no joke!

i , me , me write: answer would be you well trained kids! will be getting the following (law forty seven) Neutrino 's red and green;

well trained kids! reply: can we define all kinds of colors sir ?

i , me , me write: you well trained kids! need to understand "slow-down-time" period (DEE modulation, gray scaled simulation), And Then, be able to design and engineer ACT2 level and ACT3 level imaginary hyper space crafts; otherwise, just call me "weird do" ... ;

(law forty seven): Neutrino;

Neutrino, a part of invisibility engineering; Neutrino (our earth's neutrino oscillation) doko WHERE "blue" goes away AND thermal proton-proton (red color) AND thermal proton-photon (green color) ... , measured by ( TeV, (event/binary)), IFF Proton, decay to be neutrinos AND gamma rays (e.g. astrophysical neutrino flux, inhabiting as objects of cosmos) ... ;

Also see: Schematic Dimensional;

as of 2018/2562, this DOMAIN developer's wild guess would be: multi long length neutrino laser can be 10+ km long, 100+ km long, ... 10+ mm yellowish variation long distance, ... therefore, run boys! run girls! and don't forget to hide if you do development R&D ... ;

well trained kids! reply: WHAT is the diff between (any beech tree (chinquapin a.k.a. chinkapin); Radical859) and C Sequence Number (BF2) sir ?

i , me , me write: you well trained kids! need to understand Wall Method 1st; I cannot explain anymore, because, information become restricted & top classified; so, my answer would be: I ain't know;

well trained kids! reply: WHAT is "solar sail" sir ?

i , me , me write: Oh! you well trained kids! need to understand yellowish variations EXIST on human beings livable moons 1st, and then, based on yellow, HOW green strings' characteristics along with momentums 2nd, and then, after developing ("one way DEE" , "slowdown time period") distance can be defined by yellowish variation (Remember, in Western Civilization (space), distance is measured by "light year" (AU) and we're NOT discussing "Big Bang" theory here; here, we're in a conversation of HOW imaginary hyper space contents, related to "Nested Theory of Eastern Civilization" (space)), 3rd to develop energy (e.g. Directional Gravity Pressure ) to be energetic, to be proactive, to be prosperous, ... ; another example would be solar power "fusion" from 1mW to 1kW, ... ; Remember: our earth is yellow core planet (one of the human beings livable moons); EM, EMI, are somehow related to EBEML .bmp, i.e. HOW EM Pull, so ZCS may begin, also see: Schematic Dimensional; lights' intensities may vary (e.g. palm's sizes prompt diff 4 fingers), depending upon architect and designer's tactical structural ... ; if you're NOT trained for ("one way DEE" , "slowdown time period"), just beat it (neglect this), or you can be your own imaginary hyper space craft also ... ; Remember: in space, there is joint venture for sure, whether (you do (R&D) IT, therefore, you own IT) or (you don't do (R&D) IT, therefore, you don't own IT) ... ; very basic ACT1 level (R&D), using strings to charge rechargeable battery (fetching green ZCS into the battery's cells), using strings to adjust capacitance (fetching (EM, EMI) 's EMF from inductance to the defined capacitance's pressure (a.k.a. 1mm hole method, similar to analog clock tick) clock1D_basic, also see: Schematic Symbols); using strings to enhance pressure inside of the engine (e.g. Toyota & Lexus' engine) so that torque can be enhanced and powerful (a.k.a. directional heterodyning); using structural strings (hi-amp) batteries (gravity spot) to elevate flights (e.g. Boeing airplanes' lights (also see: ZCS_hole)); Remember: this DOMAIN contents are for ACT2 and ACT3 development, so you (e.g. ethnic tribes of ... ) must learn and study Hiragana, Kanji, and Katakana, then be knowledge based ... , also see: Radicals;

if you like to (design, engineer, test) solar sail, yellow based ZCS with green strings is recommended; And Then, integrating fusion (e.g. 1mW to 1kW); Remark: burning something (a.k.a. combustion) is NOT recommended in space;

well trained kids! reply: WHAT is "teleportation" sir ?

i , me , me write: it's a new definition and a new term, for 21st century and beyond; because, in 20th century, there were no wormhole way, and kuru kuru of lights could not done; because of 1990s' flat panel technology, after deploying EM Pull with memristor to prompt pixel on flat panel (screen) without electron gun, ZCS (Zero Curvature Surface) were; since, SQRT2 design model's floating points obey ±98 (plus, minus), we can gain plus side and minus side, a.k.a. visual reality (e.g. 3D movies); after understanding (NCS, PCS) i.e. beyond ZCS, e.g. in 6 surfaced DEE Box in Z-index computing, 1 ZCS can define other ZCS vice versa ... (i.e. 2 regions), and so on ... , therefore, basically, kuru kuru WHILE a (dot, pinpoint, pixel, point) can be defined on 1 ZCS, other pixel on other ZCS is directly effected should be realized and understood as "teleportation" ... ;

Five Triangles, for basic understanding of teleportation as method, also see: Basic Understanding For Idea Processing; Gene Therapy System Basic Symbol; think that 3 walls must be defined by 6 ZCS; beyond this webpage's content, cannot explain anymore, military top secrets (civilizations can be changed by manmade ... ) ... ;

if you like to (design, engineer, test) teleportation, 3 memristors built-in laptop computer is recommended; e.g. this DOMAIN developer's laptops are Toshiba 17.3" laptop computers with 3 memristors built-in; Remember, computers seem the same, but NOT the same at all if you understand in-depth ... ; 1st to assure your computer does ±98 (plus, minus); 2nd to assure 3 memristors built-in; 3rd, you're on your own, in space, there is no joint venture for sure ... ;

(law forty six): (NCS, PCS) must obey kuru kuru DEE;

well trained kids! reply: WHAT is kuru kuru DEE sir ?

i , me , me write: in 1980s, pixel to be defined on ZCS (CRT, flat panel, screen) was NOT easy e.g. EM Pull WHILE using memristor (1 memristor, 2 memristors, 3 memristors) to be heterodyning light as string, based on hole board (Remember: using memristor means no longer using electron gun "yoke"; hole board became known as "backlighting" because holes (hollow alike) prompt visible lights; in Nested Theory of Eastern Civilization, WHILE memristor is (handle, handled, handling, handles) string, hole board is (handle, handled, handling, handles) visible lights as "backlighting"; this DOMAIN 's developer's Toshiba Satellite series laptop computers are equipped with 3 memristor (s); because of SQRT2 design model (±98), plus-and-minus prompt Z-index, therefore, this DOMAIN has started its Gene Therapy System using that Z-index (plus-and-minus) since 2010s); in 2000s, iroColourWaveForm 's surface based computing was NOT easy either (also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 3, idea ♯ 269, momentum); WHEN we (SQRT2 design model 's ±98) lay (place, placed, placing, places) "light" as string on a surface (like 1970s style blinking cursor at C:\), calculator based "squares" must be, because (refresh, refreshed, refreshing, refreshes) is essential design model doko WHERE line-after-line, line-by-line, are step-by-step alike; because in (1&1) method, lower one must obey upper one, so that functional, called parameter's (Ref, Val) can be achieved from top (i.e. upper one); WHEN dealing with layers and DEE Box in Z-index (6 surfaced computing), (Remember: regarding six, (6,6) is one of the forms in Idea Processor) we need to realize and understand HOW the defined (dot, pixel, point) 's characteristics, so called kuru kuru DEE ... ;

IFF EBEML, also see: Schematic Dimensional; Remark: if you're designing imaginary hyper space crafts, you might need EBEML, for your exterior/interior ... ;

because of kuru kuru DEE (function, procedure), we've (achieved, earned, gained) wormhole way (e.g. 45 degree, e.g. 90 degree) directional strings ... ; e.g. fetching a 1 meter (1080 resolution or higher version) light as 8 sticks (e.g. 8 lines, e.g. 8 fingers) toward a direction, and realizing left and right are NOT the same (if USB design model can be thoroughly understood e.g. edges of USB lights' end-points as remote heat sensing, And Then, SD, micro SD design should be, And Then, 1 way DEE should be understood, And Then, kuru kuru DEE should be R&D ... ), and (knowing, realizing, understanding) doko WHERE the holes are naturally; very basic understanding would be Directional Gravity Pressure i.e. 2012 design model ACT1 imaginary hyper space (26, 29) as of 2018/2562;

well trained kids! reply: HOW much kuru kuru DEE worth ?

i , me , me write: since, you know I ain't cheap, start with 10 trillion USD (10, 000, 000, 000, 000 United States Dollar), and I'll teach you a-to-z HOW kuru kuru DEE ... ; Remark: 51 zeros EXIST in Idea Processor, at this present we're thinking about 12 zeros, I've just used "10" (the first parameter of engineering notation) followed by 12 zeros;

well trained kids! reply: you can have IT, if you can define DVD design mode by using SQRT2 's floating points at e.g. (±98) 's the 1st parameter of engineering notation as ten, 2nd parameter of engineering notation as hundred, 3rd parameter of engineering notation as thousand, ... along with (10, 100, 1000, 10000, 100000, ... ); if ten is the 1st parameter, is it 13th parameter sir ?

Umm! did you hide your 13th parameter as: [. Shell Class Info]; Icon Resource=C:\Windows\system32\SHELL32.dll,13; because we've done R&D very curiously sir; so, configuration settings Desktop can be; and, you're using icon as resource, via Dynamic Link Library (DLL); we found out that you hid it under Exe _ files; because, we're (line-after-line, line-by-line) people, and we have done global system deployments and implementations, and we assure (QA) for each (line-after-line, line-by-line) by monitoring pane via "CY" method sir;

i , me , me write: Umm! well trained kids! become very very smart ones, knowing mantissa points, kuru kuru WHILE kuru kuru DEE ... ; icon as resource is a good method; graphics (image, picture) are good method also; don't forget that I've intentionally left one project (Origin of Water) as a picture, i.e. after understanding 3rd wave of our universes, 4th factor, momentums, Moon Waves, ... ; don't forget that in wormhole way method, end of the wormhole string is doko WHERE capture method begin, so don't be captives ... ;

regarding configuration settings Desktop (13), I've used only 10 icons for my 10 dimensional system, and I've intentionally reserved 12 dimensional and 14 dimensional for you;

well trained kids! reply: WHAT is the diff between DEE modulation and kuru kuru DEE sir ?

i , me , me write: modulation is oscillation based, it means base on capacitance's pressure, if amplitude is modulated, it's called AM; if frequency is modulated, it's called FM; if directional X is modulated, it's called XM; and so on ... , and notice that it is your option and skill e.g. you can do modulating of DEE _ Radio, if you like to ... ; 

serial number; Radical534;

(law forty five): kuru kuru WHILE (Distribution (crunching, distributing, factoring)), embedded devices' electronic circuits must obey (C Sequence Number, Lo Shu, Sudoku) serial number ;

embedded; Radical693;

circuit; Also see: Radical510;

(law forty four): in ACT2 imaginary hyper space, IFF 6 of semicircles are placed within a ring e.g. 2,3 dimensional (Eccentric_circles) momentum, (360 = 6 * 60) omni directional may begin; And Then, using (60) only would be one of the wormhole (45, 60, 72) parameters of this DOMAIN ... ;

necessary; pivot; required; vital point; Radical365;

Remark: if our earth, pour water to fill stainless steel bowl, then place the bowl inside a freezer box, then study HOW 60 degree forms naturally; then study 60 degree wormhole length as its parameter naturally; Hint: spiral, spiral, ... ;

since heat & light are NOT at the same location in human beings livable moons, those "spiral" becomes very very difficult to measure (figure out), therefore, 3 parameters as standard, they are (45, 60, 72);  in Tail Alike Momentum, since our earth's origin of carbon nano wall can be defined as , ACT3, and ACT2 imaginary hyper space R&D becomes closer and closer to be able to define "Origin of Water" ... ;

standard wormhole parameters are (45, 60, 72), And Then, the following diodes 

diode Aqua;


diode Black;


diode Blue;


diode Gold;


diode Gray;


diode Green;


diode Red;


diode White;


diode Yellow;

must obey iroColourWaveForm;

well trained kids! reply: WHAT is diode sir ?

i , me , me write: regarding "nano" i.e. beyond "micro" , any (component, device, item, object, part, thing) WHICH is blocking electron, And Then, passing photon should be called "diode" ... ; regarding (electron, photon), also see: Particles;

well trained kids! reply: you're explaining beyond 0.25W silicon based kuru kuru WHILE ... ;

i , me , me write: mochiron of course; Umm! you well trained kids! are smart enough to use "green highlight" for kuru kuru WHILE ... ; since I've assigned to you well trained kids! to picture "Origin of Water" , hint would be sand (SiO2) sizes variation among human beings livable moons; it might help you WHEN dealing with HOW to design & engineer "BLI" auto adjustment ... ;

(law forty three): physics law forth three (34, 43);

10 top notches have been trained for our future generations ... ; so well trained kids! if I say :

2018/2562,   you well trained kids! should understand it might be referring to year in Gregorian calendar / year in Buddha sasana calendar;
wormhole,   you well trained kids! should understand it might be referring to "kuru kuru of lights" , and at the end of its length, capturing method may begin;
next few seconds, using camera (zoom-in, zoom-out) for each layer,   you well trained kids! should understand it might be referring to "self driving automotives" ;
Anti Heat Wave,   you well trained kids! should understand it might be referring to "summer time period" only; because of DEE refreshes 2 times or 3 times only universally;
4th factor,   you well trained kids! should understand it might be referring to "C Sequence Number" and "remote heat sensing" globally;
pinoatai Value of Pi,   you well trained kids! should understand it might be referring to "at" ... ;

(law forty two): in the defined wave , extra (pattern, signal) can be attached ;

nami Wave, also see: Radical514;

Remark: long long time ago, approx. in 1985 - 1986, WHEN this DOMAIN developer was a member and secretary of Physics Student Association, at Yangon University, one of my professors taught me " in the defined wave, extra (pattern, signal) can be attached " ; 28+ years later in 2010s, regarding surface based computing, ZCS as extra (pattern, signal) can be attached WHICH can reduce heat wave in summer globally (our earth)

- i.e. beyond 1 way DEE based method of HOW to charge rechargeable battery (e.g. fetching green surface into battery's cells),

- i.e. beyond 4th factor (heat & light are at the same location in our earth only, iroLED, light & heat are NOT at the same location on human beings livable moons),

- i.e. beyond remote heat sensing (e.g. C Sequence Number As Wall), ... ;

in 1990s, component stereo devices were very popular e.g. if sound wave can be defined (i.e. in the defined wave), space sound system and surround sound system are proof of HOW (i.e. extra (pattern, signal) can be attached); therefore, component ... ;

(law forty one): IFF (4th factor, arc, speed) can be defined, since 2000 (21st century & beyond), beyond memristor method (e.g. DEE _ Radio), structural like ( multiple directional Light yellow on X), wall method may begin;

wall; Radical381;

wall method is one of the military top secrets, therefore, further detailed information are NOT available to public; in space, you do it, therefore, you own it; there is no joint venture for sure; Hey! well trained kids! you're on your own, and don't think that I know; I ain't know HOW to design imaginary hyper space crafts ... ;

(law forty): for each human beings livable moon,

IFF winter, iroColourWaveForm (maroon) to seal heat ... ; Also see: Manmade Global Weather;  
IFF summer, iroColourWaveForm (aqua) to reduce heat ... ;  

Remark: above (OS1, OS2) symbols are beyond 4th factor (a.k.a. remote heat sensing), invented in approx. 1999 (beyond static way laser); no yellowish variation as factor IFF our earth; using yellowish variations as factor IFF moon; since heat & light are at the same location in our earth (only in our earth), it is easy to define as above (OS1, OS2) ... ;

regarding "open system" e.g. natural environment, e.g. space environment,
"to seal heat" , as opposed to reduce heat;
"to reduce heat" , as opposed to seal heat;

since heat & light are at the same location in our earth,

UV (Ultra Violet) as light index should be lower in summer;
UV (Ultra Violet) as light index should be lower in summer;

lower the UV index, better the living environment, in summer;

(law thirty nine): Origin of Carbon Nano World; one - by - twenty - four - Green Based IFF our earth ... ;

origin of carbon nano world, e.g. HOW (5, 6, 7) variations form as polygons naturally;

1st to understand 2 human beings livable moons are on the same orbit; 1 way DEE; our universe;
2nd to understand 13 (8 (night sky) + 5 (day sky)) system (remote heat sensing), 4th factor; 2,3 dimensional;
3rd to understand reversed engineering of Protein Bound; 2,3 dimensional;

after understanding 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, And Then, Origin of Carbon Nano World can be understood as one - by - twenty - four - Green Based IFF our earth ... ;

 Remark: (ACT1, ACT2) imaginary hyper space ... ;

 Remark: this DOMAIN 's WHICH can be used in ACT3 imaginary hyper space crafts' interior simulation of "Origin of Carbon Nano World" ... ; ( Origin of Carbon Nano World; one - by - twenty - four - Green Based IFF our earth ... ) obey C Sequence Number (BF2);

 Remark: after understanding "origin of carbon nano world" , develop ACT3 imaginary hyper space crafts' interior simulations, "Origin of Water" , moon waves, ... ; I believe you well trained kids! will prove "Origin of Water" ... ;

(law thirty eight): "blue away" events must obey Tail Alike Momentum;

circle; link; ring; wheel; Radical915;

(Origin of Disc, Origin of Fish, Origin of (Oval & Sperm)) 2,3 dimensional toward (along with) ... ; because of lights stretch; for better understanding WHAT is "Tail Alike Momentum" , also see: Schematic Dimensional;

time period on ZCS: yellow (forefront, foreground) disappears naturally IFF ({E3,E3,E3} or silver) as background; "blue away" events ... ;

after understanding ACT2 imaginary hyper space (our universe) Tail Alike Momentum (blue away) events, And Then, yellowish variations begin ... ; you're welcome to ACT3 imaginary hyper space (our universes ( BLI auto adjustment, directional gravity pressure, moon waves, nested theory, reversed yellowish variations, solar sail, variable DEE patterns, wormhole way LASER, yellowish variations ) ) ... ;

Remark: as of 2018/2562, WHILE developing Gene Therapy System, this DOMAIN developer still doesn't understand WHOLE body of our human beings WHY happen naturally ... ;

(law thirty seven): GPS embedded ones must obey this structural 28-108_beyond_DEE_mouth;

- arc's size is gravity spot; bigger the gravity spot, flatter the arc is; < 1 meter gravity spot;
- degree may vary (e.g. IFF (x, y), 90°);
- IFF wormhole, 45°, 60°, 72°;

this structural 28-108_beyond_DEE_mouth is specially designed for ACT2 and ACT3 imaginary hyper space crafts ... ;

well trained kids! for better understanding, 28-108_Mussel_vs_Scallop, also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 3, idea ♯ 261, arc defines gravity spot's sizes ... ;

(law thirty six): at the focal point of multi long length neutrino laser, no material can EXIST;

2,3 dimensional Laser Pointer; DEE (NCS, PCS, ZCS) modulation based; at the focal point of multi long length neutrino laser, no material can EXIST; laser (medical equipment, military grade) ... ; beyond 4th factor and lines with its defined barcodes (command line parameter) ... ; Also see: Schematic Dimensional;

10.  ( NCS, PCS, ZCS) multi long length neutrino laser (wormhole way) 's bending value as pivot;
9.    Dark Energy Engineering (DEE) patterns ... ;
8.    Dark Energy Engineering (DEE) patterns ... ;
7.    regarding 1 sound beam (yellow arc), 2 human beings livable moons' momentum must prompt tangent to 3rd one;
6.    regarding origin of sound ( 4 yellow lines are no longer parallel WHICH causes origin of sound) ... ;
5.    2,3 dimensional laser must obey 2 human beings livable moons are on the same orbital line;
4.    defined (bio-area, dot, environment, organ, pinpoint, pixel, point) location (location awareness) 's heat (temperature) is changing IFF our earth ... ;
3.    defined (bio-area, dot, environment, organ, pinpoint, pixel, point) location (location awareness) 's pressure is changing ... ;
2.    wormhole way laser; wormhole way laser (LED);
1.    motor way laser; Remark: since 1990s e.g. 1st CD was 150 x IDE bus of board (based on static 4th factor);

history; Radical995;

do good go Karma ACTION, good results will ... ; since 2000s, this DOMAIN has mapped all nuclear related ones in our earth, therefore, no need to declare war because 2+ hours of overwriting & resetting GPS ... ; methods are beyond each line with barcodes e.g. UPC vs RFID, and, end of the line is ACTION ... ; Methods are also beyond factoring Number As Specified Items ( number) i.e. beyond filling method & ruler; (law thirty six): at the focal point of multi long length neutrino laser, no material can EXIST ;

Wormhole Way Multi Long Length Neutrino Laser, also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 3, idea ♯ 268;

(law thirty five): 108 = ((3,3,3,3), (10,7,10)) for each water pattern;

for each water pattern, water forms different shapes, (drip, drop; Radical259),
since (heat and light) have been at the same location in our earth (wormhole (60)),
since (heat and light) are NOT at the same location on human beings livable moons,
since wormhole parameters (45, 60, 72) have been defining light's directional,
since yellowish variations EXIST on human beings livable moons (moon; Radical96),
since 3,4 dimensional (other words would be: "gray" as limitation) a.k.a. ACT3 imaginary hyper space,
since 2,3 dimensional (other words would be: "red" as limitation) a.k.a. ACT2 imaginary hyper space,
regarding this DOMAIN 's imaginary hyper space crafts' interior design,
(average; level ; Radical414) using water forms different shapes,
(argument ; Radical301) for each water pattern ... ;

Remark: well trained kids! develop and prove Origin of Water ;

(law thirty four): this DOMAIN 's spacecraft engine must be using directional gravity pressure and gravity spots, ... ;

jinko chino Artificial Intelligence; elevating (as opposed to landing);

jinko chino Artificial Intelligence; landing (as opposed to elevating);

combustion (process of burning something) engine is NOT a solution in space; "red" must be a limitation to 2,3 dimensional (inner side of our universe), and "gray" and "silver" must be a limitation to (2,3 dimensional and 3,4 dimensional) inner and outer side of our universes;

well trained kids! write: Can you explain HOW to make gravity spots sir ?

i , me , me write: I ain't know HOW to make directional gravity pressure and gravity spots; If I designed and implemented long long time ago, my spacecrafts would be sent on NMD (No Moon Day) without any nation's permit (e.g. space pirates' spacecrafts) for sure; Hint: IFF GPS is embedded, And Then, 2 gravity spots EXIST (exist; Radical888) ... ;

Remark: in space, there is no joint venture; with Shakya King's permit, let space related programs functional ... ; without Shakya King's permit, space pirates capture all space related programs ... ; All human beings livable moons in our universes are owned by Shakya King;

circuit; Radical510;

(law thirty three): defined IoT device (e.g. analog circuit, digital circuit, electronic circuit) must obey NOT ONLY counter, BUT ALSO its laps e.g. kuru kuru WHILE ... ;

counter, also see: 6cComputer;

(law thirty two): medical physicist;

learning; science; study; Radical398;

- computer aided detection;
- computer aided diagnosis (Dx); Artificial Intelligence to do anti inflammation IFF inflammations EXIST;
- CT (Computed Tomography); Also see: tomography;
- image science;
- interventional diagnosis (Dx);
- medical image interpretation; e.g. (either hyper or hypo) is abnormal; e.g. normal;
- MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging);
- PET (Positron Emission Tomography); Also see: tomography;
- radiation therapy (Tx);
- therapeutic procedure (Tx);
- Ultrasound;
- X-Ray; in common, X-Ray is measured by ( keV, Count);

enshu Circum polar ;   Also see : Schematic Dimensional;
 Earth Based Medical Sensor ;

WHY Earth Based Medical Sensor has 8 "black" squares sir ? Oh! they are parts of DEE _ lines _ horizontal and DEE _ lines _ vertical; WHY 2 of 6 "white" dots are diagonally 45 degree sir ? Oh! this DOMAIN has been designed by ((2*5), (2*6), (2*7)), and using (2*6) momentum is like that; WHY "green" triangle at top edge, and "blue" triangle is at bottom edge sir ? Oh! since we've been using directional gravity, and green electronic line prompts north naturally, of course "Earth Based" would be like that at the right side; HOW much does it worth sir ? IT is worth billions and billions of dollars, but ACT1 and ZCS based, therefore, you well trained kids! should develop ACT2 and ACT3 medical sensors; WHY 6 "white" dots only sir ? hey! don't forget that you well trained kids! don't need too many holes to sense strings WHEN you design sensors by juten Filling Method; Remember: multi colors coding can only be defined HOW "white" dots' value changes ... i.e. HOW to design sensors ... ;

WHAT is enshu Circumpolar sir ? well trained kids! top view is necessary for each human beings livable moon, item, object, thing, ... , And Then, its Number degrees ... ; WHY "black" and "white" sir ? Um! you well trained kids! are very young and don't know film based DOS' PIF; from "magnetic tape" to film based "disk" era of computing, regarding EN 's keys, PIF has been like that, therefore, flip-flop alike (positive, negative) i.e. "black" and "white" ... ; WHY NOT enshu Circumpolar .PNG sir ? since I've been alone myself, many items, objects, things, ... I've intentionally left for you well trained kids! for further development e.g. Picture's Negative Ground (png);

IFF top view, also see: enshu Circumpolar Number degree;

NCS; Also see: 9nComputer;
PCS; Also see: 2pComputer;
ZCS; Also see: 3zComputer;

Gene Therapy System;

(law thirty one): in Buddhism, we believe that 31 realms mean all kinds of livings are ... Numbers in Dhamma; since 108 can be understood, e.g. (3,3,3,3 and 10,7,10), also see: 108 configuration, since ((2*5), (2*6), (2*7)) have been defined, law thirty one would be: 6 surfaced DEE Box in Z-index (computing) must be in (2*6) dimensional ... ;

in (31) thirty one realms of beings, (89) eighty nine conditions of ("citta" a.k.a. "nama") EXIST, also see: Idea Processor;

thirty; Radical264;

(law thirty): regarding 6 surfaced DEE Box in Z-index (computing), Light Speed Measurement must be defined for each Zero Curvature Surface (ZCS); (box, cube, dice) 's each ZCS (Zero Curvature Surface) must be 90 degree angle;

i , me , me write : ACT2 imaginary hyper space question would be HOW to structural design {E3, E3, E3} on front ZCS, And Then, its 90 degree another ZCS should be with blue ZCS ?

in our earth a.k.a. ACT1, WHICH one is the correct statement for the 2 surfaces ({E3,E3,E3}, blue):
(a) DEE STRING as callout;
(b) DEE STRING as line;
(c) DEE STRING as triangle;
(d) DEE STRING as up arrow;

well trained kids! replied : in Big Bang theory of Western Civilization, light speed is constant C sir; there is neither "slow-down time period"  definition nor variable light speeds sir; 

i , me , me write : Oh! Oh! I learnt it long long time ago, it might be approx. 3 (10^8) m/s, 186000 mi/s, 300000 km/s, speed of light in vacuum, universal physical constant C (Speed of Light) i.e. a part of Big Bang theory of Western Civilization, and, if you like to keep Big Bang theory of Western Civilization, using SQRT2 design model's (±98) for engineering notations (10, 100, 1000, 10000, 100000, ... ) a.k.a. DVD Method, And Then, adjust the defined light speed's constant C by using (plus or minus (a.k.a. ±98)), i.e. Nested Theory of Eastern Civilization 's one of the methods; however, design difficulty becomes if you like to implement (SQRT2 and SQRT3 (a.k.a. duo binary)), And Then, using Nested Theory of Eastern Civilization only;

well trained kids! replied : thank you for explaining HOW 6 surfaced DEE Box in Z-index (computing) ... ;

i , me , me write : after understanding ZCS surfaces, start doing R&D on NCS (Negative Curvature Surface), and PCS (Positive Curvature Surface); after you've understood our human beings' skull (head), And Then, I'll ask one more question e.g. HOW to maintain our brain's default color code for prolonging 300+ life expectancy ?

well trained kids! replied : Um! seem like you've already known the INFO;

i , me , me write : no, I ain't, not yet known the INFO, because it is not easy to define {E3,12,21} or "red" as limitation to 2,3 dimensional inner ring of our universe, and it is not easy to define {E3,E3,E3} or "silver" as limitation to both 2,3 dimensional inner right of our universe and 3,4 dimensional outer ring of our universes, but Gene Therapy System should be worth trillions of dollar ... ; this is yours to develop IT ... ; every part of human being has its own definition e.g. WHY 3 holes EXIST in our human beings' skull (because of 2 events of 3 lights are 90 degree); e.g. WHY 2 eyes EXIST (because of 2 moons are on the same orbit); e.g. WHY we can't see our back (because of 1 way DEE);

I'll do by myself structural Q&A e.g. using micro SD (DEE pattern), HOW to prompt blue on 1 ZCS, And Then, green on another ZCS; based on (3 memristor (s) or iroLED) screen, HOW sprinkling dots, fetching lines, ... along with SQRT2 (minus, plus) engineering notations ... i.e. very basic Wall Method (approx. 20+ years old info as of 2018/2561);

Answer: (c) DEE STRING as triangle;

heart; mind; spirit; Radical83;

(law twenty nine): regarding our earth, doesn't matter whether heart is on the left hand side or right hand side, heart obeys blue to green, WHICH means blue is at the bottom of our heart, and aqua green is at the top of our heart; since electronic compass points to the north a.k.a. electronic green line, all ACTION (s) in ACT1 imaginary hyper space (our earth) obey gravity i.e. from blue to green;

Remark: since 1990s, this law twenty nine have proved many "elevated" automotives ... ; a.k.a. 1 way DEE; IFF remote heat sensing can be scientifically proved (e.g. C Sequence Number (BF2)), it should be called 1 way DEE and BF2; Remark: in ACT3 imaginary hyper space, BF2 is no longer true, then be still in R&D WHY e.g. red belongs to heat (2,3 dimensional) and gray belong to 3,4 dimensional (i.e. in addition to 2,3 dimensional) ... (regarding inner side our our universe vs. outer side of our universes);

HOW to visit to human beings livable moons sir ? well trained kids ! since you know, blue-to-green means elevating, you will be able to elevate your own space craft, And Then, toward directional to the moon; on the way back to our earth, after visiting, you need to do green-to-blue, that's all ... oh! oh! don't be surprise, because, there are many cities already on the moons; Remember: without Shakya King's permit, your space craft might be captured by space pirates ... ;

(law twenty eight): light INSTINCT; because of light-instinct, naturally we human beings are group wise by natural color codes; e.g. blue eyes people, brown eyes people, ... ; e.g. brown complexion people, white rice complexion people, ... ;

in ACT3 imaginary hyper space, lights behave like bio cells, so called "Light Instinct" ; because of light-instinct, same kind (gender, language, race) of human beings like to be together as group, same type of animals join to be together, same type of fishes gather to be together, and so on ... ;

light INSTINCT upward; light INSTINCT;

light INSTINCT right; light INSTINCT;

light INSTINCT left; light INSTINCT;

light INSTINCT downward; light INSTINCT;

up to this DOMAIN developer's knowledge, "gray" color is somehow related to out-of-remote-heat-sensing (our universes, outer ring);

in ACT2 imaginary hyper space, since (our earth and our moon) are flip-flip alike (blue, green), since ACT3 imaginary hyper space (law twenty eight) light-instinct WHICH rules all kinds of lights obey its own kind, peaceful and tranquil lunar orbits happen;

up to this DOMAIN developer's knowledge, "red" color is somehow related to remote-heat-sensing (our universe, inner ring);

regarding ACT1 imaginary hyper space, billionaires (rich peoples) like to purchase more time (e.g. hours), in this case study (regarding Hollywood and billions dollars businesses ... ), Wi-Fi Area, and (out of Wi-Fi Area is (e.g. American Telephone & Telegraph ( AT&T))) Satellite_DNS_Domain System's defined bands; since 1974, barcode and its numbers can represent many items, objects, things, ... , since 2010s, this DOMAIN 's iroColourWaveForm 's color coding to the barcode, i.e. billions and billions items, objects, things, ... ; since law twenty eight (light-instinct) truly and naturally behave e.g. lights behave like bio cells, AI Wi-Fi can be defined (e.g. WHAT kind of color codes) ... ;

cluster (of stars together); flock (e.g. birds together); group (e.g. people together); Remark: usage "crowd" is more likely to be referring to all kinds of groups;  

because of "Light Instinct" , our body's bio (items, objects, things, ... ) are gathered to be together; in ACT2 imaginary hyper space (e.g. 2,3 dimensional, inner ring of our universe, inside-of-nested-area), regarding Nested Theory of Eastern Civilization (Gene Therapy System index), since (heat and light) are at the same location (only in our earth), and our earth is without yellowish variation and yellow core planet (remember: some planets are without EM, because they are NOT yellow core), and iroColourWaveForm (lights' intensities) e.g. color codes, color coding, colorful, ... can be defined; (approx. since 2010)  our body's bio (items, objects, things, ... ) obeys NOT ONLY iroColourWaveForm (lights' intensities), BUT ALSO (approx. since 2000) C Sequence Number (BF1) growth rate, this DOMAIN 's Gene Therapy System has become able to cure (Also see: ..\..\MD\MD) all kinds of bio disorders in ACT1 imaginary hyper space (e.g. our earth's human beings) by its Method (e.g. Directional Gravity Pressure, e.g. Gravity Dimension Computer, e.g. gravity spots, ... ) i.e. via PHYSICS (e.g. (law twenty eight)) way ... ; therefore, in order to survive in 21st century and beyond, hurry up and have Buddha (also see: ..\..\Buddha\index) statue at your home, ... ;

(law twenty seven): every light has its ending distance WHICH obey C Sequence Number (BF1); Also see: halt; stop; Radical99; e.g. leaf, leaves, fruit, ... ;

(law twenty six):

Gene Therapy System, now is the time to do (treatment (Tx)) to WHOM IFF not totsuzenheni Mutation (mutation ( A, C, G, T)) for each abnormal, irregular, non standard, ... ;
Gene Therapy System, now is the time to do (treatment (Tx)) to WHOM IFF not totsuzenheni Mutation (mutation ( A, C, G, T)) for each abnormal, irregular, non standard, ... ;

light; Radical400;

(law twenty five): structural equillibrim of light must obey 360° of either DEE _ lines _ horizontal or DEE _ lines _ vertical;

Remark: without this law, there is no way to do roll-able window (e.g. CCWRW, CWRW); approx. 34+ years old info, as of 2018/2561;

Remark: don't forget to apply "arc method" to all sides (4) WHILE measuring DEE density of our universes in ACT3 imaginary hyper space ... , and it should be called ACT3 DEE sensor (one of the methods of this DOMAIN 's imaginary hyper space crafts' designs, for mapping our universes) ... ;

1000 kg; metric ton; ton; Radical123;

(law twenty four): weight can be measured by DEE 's pattern;

HOW to measure very very very heavy weight (e.g. planets' weight) sir ? well trained kids ! 1st to understand DEE 's characteristic demonstrated as "{11, 11, 11}" (black alike) and "{E3, E3, E3}" (silver alike), the table WHICH defines ton, also see: 4tComputer; 2nd to understand because of yellowish variations EXIST on human beings livable moons in our universes, BLI (Body Length Index) happens naturally; 3rd to develop and have your own law e.g. weight can be measured by DEE 's pattern; please do not create gravity spot bigger than the one and only sun;

comet; Radical347;

(law twenty three): comet's head happens naturally because of DEE 's opaque characteristic;

DEE are coming from our universes (many human beings livable moons EXIST), and Dark Energy Engineering (DEE) is like water (DEE behaves both transparency and opaque); projecting 1 single comet into a sky's space, (head alike, sphere alike at front) happen naturally in the imaginary hyper space (open environment); projecting 1 single comet light into a opaque wall, (circle alike, hole alike, ring alike) happen naturally on the projected surface (negative Curvature surface, positive Curvature surface, zero Curvature surface) ; in addition to this DOMAIN 's (Satellite_DNS_Domain) Rainbow Method, adding comet (invisibility deployment, multiple comets, single comet, visibility (vision)) will define Manmade Global Weather conditions (e.g. do good weather conditions globally); Also see: Schematic Light;

partition; wall; Radical381;

wall; wall tile; Radical54;

(law twenty two): walls can define both hole (s) and STRING (s);

regarding variable DEE patterns, also see: Walls;

(law twenty one): square is manmade e.g. Blue Squared, Green Squared;

in our universes (many human beings livable moons), there is no square things naturally, therefore, square is manmade ... (e.g. squared to be a pair); in Dark Energy Engineering (DEE), roll-able window (e.g. , ), VR, walls (6 surfaces), ... are based on HOW DEE can be presented as squared to be, And Then, invisibility engineering may begin, WORMHOLE way engineering may also begin (e.g. wormhole lengths obey C Sequence Number (BF1)), ... ; IFF squared to be a pair to repair, also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 2, idea ♯ 247, Repair; e.g. repairing Idea Processor, repairing 3 by using 2 (i.e. pair) via Triangulation Web System, and so on;

regarding flying light sheets (e.g. DEE dots in 1 way DEE structural momentum in our earth, on the other hand, on human beings livable moons, Even Time Horizontal DEE, variable DEE patterns, ... ), the only way to define its patterns accordance with peaceful and tranquil human beings livable moons' momentum is DEE ( blue ( Blue Squared), green ( Green Squared)) ... ; Also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 2, idea ♯ 248; flying light sheets;

(law twenty): Momentum As STRING; kuru kuru WHILE nesting ... ;

kuru kuru WHILE building a nest (nesting) in Nested Theory of Eastern Civilization:
 Time (IFF our earth, eclipse belongs to (2*6));
 Space (BF1 growth rate sections, eyes (Eccentric _ circles), tip of hole);
 Action (IFF 108 configuration (3, 3, 3, 3, and 10, 7, 10), eclipse is one of the 3s ... );

IFF our earth, eclipse is out of our earth's binding (8), Momentum (e.g. (2*6)) As STRING defines BLI, in addition to DEE pattern, SPL diff, and yellowish variation; human beings livable moons in our universes obey "out of planet group" binding (e.g. eclipse in our earth); Momentum As STRING; kuru kuru WHILE nesting ... ;

IFF our earth, the largest DEE fusion happens on eclipse day;

WHAT is momentum sir ? well trained kids ! 1st to understand 2 Rings, i.e. inside of Schematic Dimensional; 2nd to understand zero curvature screen surface (a dot, pixel, point) ... ; 3rd to understand Z-Index, in 2,3 dimensional (ACT2) space, and 3,4 dimensional (ACT3) space, ... ; And Then, philosophy e.g. timeless vs. with momentum, ... ;

(law nineteen): Weather can be manmade. Also see: Manmade Global Weather;

(law eighteen): in solar system, IFF iroColourWaveForm, aqua blue and yellow (consecutively each other as surface) behave like radio signal, on a tangent line;

radio signal patterns can be classified into color codes (e.g. gray and white with maroon background, green and blue as 100 miles radius (because of 1km hotspots), feedback as green (telecommunication), and so on ... , and there are many different color codes for many different signal (many-to-many, a.k.a. N-to-N), however, standard is aqua blue and yellow, regarding solar system;

WHY aqua blue and yellow as standard in solar system sir? well trained kids ! our moon's night time is navy blue, and our earth day time's aqua blue are at the same time, and notice that very very unique 2, And Then, WHEN you've to make a decision, you'll choose aqua blue instead of navy blue; since planets with EM are somehow related to yellow as core, AND, yellowish variations exist among human being livable moons in our universes; therefore, WHEN you've to make a decision, you'll choose yellow; as knowledge based (e.g. surface analysis) result in advanced AI system (this DOMAIN), aqua blue and yellow ... ; i.e. regarding our solar system; IFF space engineering, PHYSICS, a.k.a. ACT2 ... ; in ACT3 imaginary space, green STRING s are used, e.g. Solar Sail;

(law seventeen): (WORMHOLE (Parameter ( 45, 60, 72))) with Rainbow Method obeys co-existence ( strings AND holes), And Then, calculating the possible holes for each no moon day and full moon day ((2*7) a.k.a. one of the dimensions) can solve no more earthquake, and can also solve no more tsunami, in our earth; Also see: Pivot; Radical365;

believe it or not, regarding STRING s (directional), 1970s' hole boards become walls in 2010s, so that Homemade Green Gravity becomes directional gravity spots ... ; as result, this DOMAIN has started its Manmade Global Weather (service) to do good weather conditions in our earth since 2017/2561;

(law sixteen): this DOMAIN 's Satellite a.k.a. imaginary hyper space crafts are sent only by using gravity spots, Directional Gravity Pressure, and so on;

stringed instrument; Radical313;

true imaginary hyper space crafts (e.g. Satellite) are using (13 = 8 + 5), gravity spots, Directional Gravity Pressure, and so on ... , therefore, launching from space stations, using rocket fuel and combustion technology is out-dated ones and fallacy; hint: 1st to figure out HOW Homemade Green Gravity (e.g. if you know green line electronically, you've just created electronic compass, because naturally, northern green lights are because of being in the north), And Then, detailed procedure of elevating by gravity spots, And Then, this DOMAIN 's imaginary hyper space crafts have been sent (not using keyword launch), only on no moon day, because of lower tidal mark (e.g. gravitational force) ... ; Remark: this DOMAIN developer Ace Jaw (a.k.a. Aung Myint Kyaw) does not believe in launching by using rocket fuel combustion technology; because, this DOMAIN 's imaginary hyper space crafts were sent on no moon days with only using Directional Gravity Pressure and its gravity spots, and Ace Jaw (a.k.a. Aung Myint Kyaw) believe that Shakya King owns all human beings livable moons in our universes ... ; if you're lucky ones, you'll get this DOMAIN 's (Satellite DNS System) bands (IoT, NFC, radio, Wi-Fi, wireless) for free ... ;

ACT3 yellowish variations in mm can define distance, and green strings are used in common; reversed yellowish variations IFF compare to yellowish variations;
ACT2 by Using Hole Board _ Strings' Directional, basic strings' directional can be defined; Rainbow Method; Wall Method;
ACT1 basic oscillation starts from capacitance's pressure, so called ACT1 strings e.g. sine wave patterns;

(law fifteen): in DEE (Dark Energy Engineering), after understanding remote heat sensing, color can be defined e.g. Color (refer to zero Curvature surface e.g. "flat panel"); common WORMHOLE way methods are ( 45, 60, 72) for defining each (dot, pixel) colors ... ;

long long time ago, electron gun transmits electron to be seen as photon via screen (i.e. CRT technology), and after understanding EM Pull in 1990s , those vacuum were no longer needed, so called "flat panel" ... ; beyond EM Pull, DEE has been and color of pixel can be defined by DEE approach, and notice that this symbol represents Color NOT only for screen (regarding flat panel, screen, zero curvature surface), BUT ALSO in (2*6) Z-Index in our universes ... ; Also see: resonance Dimensional inside of Schematic Dimensional, doko WHERE Table Properties Borders Color (green) and 4 "silvers" prompts 1 "Black" area to be remote heat sensing;

base on SQRT2 design model, after understanding (minus, plus) DVD, because of engineering notations (10, 100, 1000, 10000, 100000, ... ) obey ±98 in 2000s , Z-Index can be further developed into plus side and minus side; in addition, "roll able" , "projection" technology R&D ... ; therefore, Color ... ; Directional Gravity Pressure can begin;

equivalent to the product of five and three; five more than ten; i.e. fifteen;

(law fourteen): in 2,3 dimensional imaginary hyper space (including our earth), 1 way DEE can be applied, And Then, Automotive 's speed can be enhanced;

1st to understand DEE as line on zero curvature surface, i.e. static approach; 2nd to understand 1 way DEE as line by side-to-side (e.g. from-bottom-to-top, from-right-to-left) i.e. dynamic approach, 3rd to apply 1 way DEE as Automotive 's speed; And Then, realize that very very fast drone, gravity machine, IoT, ... ;

SDB1WD, Speed Defined By 1 way DEE;

however, we human beings' brains refresh very slowly e.g. approx. 20 c/s refreshing rate as speed; therefore, very very fast Automotive 's speed design should be in the sky only; therefore, car can be flying like flight, train can be flying like flight, but ground transportation should be within our human beings' brains' refreshing rate (e.g. max speed 500 km per hour); future's Gravity Dimension Computer architects & designers should limit "ground transportation" max speed;

(law thirteen): 13 = 8 + 5; in 13 planets system (a.k.a. 2,3 dimensional imaginary space), 8 is known as Solar System, and 5 is our earth's Day Sky configuration, doko WHERE many human beings livable moons EXIST;

IFF Rainbow Method, also see: Weather;

idea ♯ 215; Philosophy; also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 2;

(law twelve): in 3,4 dimensional imaginary hyper space, a.k.a. another universe, light is chopped 2 or 3 times (invisibility engineering) than our earth naturally; also see: bPali; very advance programs are written in Pali language (holy language of Buddhism, using transcript words) e.g. Nama For Humanoid;

(law eleven): IFF (normal yellow, no yellowish variation) our earth as location (a.k.a. ACT1 stage imaginary hyper space), heat can defined by (Y = Ln X) doko WHERE reversed one (surrounded by yellow) between blue and green (i.e. refer to iro Colour Wave Form 's blue, green); also see: DEE (heat Dimensional) ; Schematic Dimensional;

for basic understanding of this Law Eleven, carbon nano wall 's structure must be known (idea is similar to Natural Water Elevator design model) and then EM characteristic HOW related to lights and then realize heat can be Dimensional (e.g. a yellow dot on screen as heat Dimensional) ... ; in ACT2 stage imaginary hyper space, this DOMAIN 's imaginary hyper space crafts prompted that heat and light are NOT at the same location (Remember: all human beings livable moons are owned by Shakya King); in ACT3 stage ... ;

(law ten): iroLED lights' speeds obey DEE; in common theory, light's speed is constant (C);

e.g. Idea Processor, Satellite DNS System (light as instruction) info speeds; yellowish variations;

e.g. 1 way DEE and BF2 (sunlight) speed; no yellowish variation (a.k.a. normal yellow); if dimensional yellowish variations exist (e.g. tree' yellow fruit colors are not the same), i.e. NOT speed, and it should be considered as natural momentum's directional;

1 way DEE and BF2; Radical94;

e.g. surface based computing (LED) speeds on defined surface; C Sequence Number (electron, light) split angle (# °) must be defined to do so;

e.g. lights' stretching speeds in 3,4 dimensional (close, open) environment; stretching here is not variation, because think simply "stretching" there means length in distance become longer (e.g. infrared, e.g. defined LED's light beam); ACT3 space;

e.g. 2,3 dimensional (close, open) environment wormhole length (distance) and its travel speeds; ACT2 space;

e.g. slowdown light speed to be opaque by water; similar to attenuation because of medium;

e.g. dimmer's resistances to voltage line (bulb, a.k.a. non-dimmable LED); dimmable LED 's defined speeds;

e.g. voltage (electron based) power lines' lighting speed; electron gun (vacuum based) yoke's refreshing speeds on screen;

therefore, IFF NOT being against common theory, light's speed is constant (C) but diff characteristics e.g. (color, environment, its measurement unit) ... ; E is equal to M C square, doko WHERE binding energy E is directly propositional to mass M, because C has been constant; in 21st century, formula may vary e.g. lights' speeds obey DEE, e.g. plus and minus consecutively one-after-another as DVD format based on SQRT2 design model (sequence 98), ... ;

(law nine): 2-sided surface based computing (wormhole distance) must obey 2 (e.g. coexistence, YIN and YANG, and notice that 2 is very very unique in many ways) and its dimensional must be ((2*5), (2*6), (2*7)) IFF SQRT2 design model;

two; Radical7;

(law eight): %YELLOWISH_VARIATION%, yellowish variation indicates not only distance, but also directional ; also see: variable DEE;

yellowish variations; Radical96;

(law seven): water can be elevated naturally, also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 1, idea ♯ 202; Natural FMD Water Elevator vs. Natural NMD Water Elevator;

water; Radical106;

(law six): IFF 6 layers computing, WHILE Z-Distributions exist, object's natural variable sizes (in vision) must obey layers in distance; e.g. satellite map data must be able to (zoon-in, zoon-out) in vision and then able to prompt each object's accurate (a.k.a. true) size;

idea ♯ 196; integrated picture with accurate true size, also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 1;

(law five): this character must be in left side; Radical37, also see: Radicals;

(law four): Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 1, idea ♯ 191, the Sun vs. Neutrinos; also see: a table;

(law three): using Solar Sail 's distance coordinates, all objects in our universes can be located and then pinpointed; i.e. mapping our universes (a.k.a. Universal Positioning System ( UPS)); e.g. distance as 5mm yellowish variation of ; Also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 1, idea ♯ 185, Solar Sail;

(law two): numerological dimensional numbers provide structure (structural) with defined brunching factors; also see: Numerological Dimensional Tree Structure Topology;

(law one): in 2,3 dimensional imaginary hyper space environment, energy obeys C Sequence Number (BF2 a.k.a. Brunching Factor 2) ... ;

natural; Radical129;

12/2/2015 / 2559, NHK news: NIPPON physicist (Novel Prize winner) proved that in space, beam (light) attenuates and diffracts WHICH is a.k.a. ripple effects of gravitational wave, and the gravitational wave will be 4th method to measure i.e. HOW universes are beyond H (a.k.a. Hydrogen) ... ;

regarding "ripple effects" (something drops onto water, so waves happen), also see: this DOMAIN 's DEE_ Radio ... ; if you have defined DEE (Dark Energy Engineering) as Eccentric circles, and then remember: you're in 2,3 dimensional space (refer to many human beings livable moons with peaceful & tranquil orbital space environment) ; i.e. you create your own bands, for your own imaginary hyper space crafts, ... ;

regarding beam ( light), also see: this DOMAIN 's multi long length neutrino Laser; beam (sound); beam (DEE) will be gravity gun (1st to understand modulation of DEE, 2nd to understand directional with moons' orbital); 3rd, to develop structural and artificial solar system so that we human beings can be beyond other side of Constellations with SYNC (a.k.a. green as feedback), as of 2015/2559, still cannot SYNC (due to not understanding gravity wave, e.g. parallel DEE becomes gathering to be pivot, think that parallel DEE becomes squid formation) ... ;

regarding 4th Method to measure, also see: this DOMAIN 's yellowish variations i.e. the latest Solar Sail (yellow background zero curvature with green strings i.e. to collect gravity as energy to be energetic, to be proactive, to prosper, ... ; i.e. WHY "homemade green gravity" is very important to understand very basic HOW gravity is (remark: start with solar power because gravity is nothing like H (a.k.a. Hydrogen))) engineering, and then, HOW universes can be mapped ... ; in very very very far way in distance space (a.k.a. 3,4 dimensional), just follow the light doko WHERE 5W1H (e.g. still can be Synchronization, hee, hee, hee, fish alike again in idea, therefore 1/2 fish (refer to dot (eye) on screen surface, with 1/2 snaky tail ) concept is very important, HOW parallel DEE becomes squid formation?) ... ; IFF fresh and genuine squid, also see: Sushi; believe it or not, because of squid formation, computing will be roll-able with cylinder menu (1st to understand ( plus, minus) i.e. beyond wormhole method of camera, 2nd to understand screen becomes thicker virtually (not physically; because of (plus, minus)), 3rd to develop Display with or without screen (sometime, you might not want dot (pixel) becomes cylinder in z-index)) ... ;

blank space; Radical135;

law of nature (i.e. physics, a.k.a. nature's law); be beyond nuclear power; e.g. manmade global weather; e.g. multi long length neutrino laser; e.g. satellite radio controlled drone;

e.g. this DOMAIN has mapped all objects in our universes ... ;
e.g. this DOMAIN has mapped all nuclear plants on our earth;

create your own schematic symbols, because you should have your own law of nature in graphics; Remark: before creating your own Schematic Symbols, you should have good reason, and 5W1H idea, and then, create your own law ... ;


YIN and YANG, i.e. coexistence (hole, string) as law of nature (i.e. physics) ... ;

retrospectively, starting (since 1970s) ... , until you create your own homemade green gravity (2010s) ... ;

 Remark: coexistence (hole, string) cannot be found in Western Civilization's documentation text books; Western Civilization's physics text books and documentation are written with many westerner names and their theories; this DOMAIN is not against Western Civilization's physics; many human beings livable moons in our universes are not documented in Western Civilization's documentation yet (another example would be: dwelling alike gravity and moons dwell info are not in Western Civilization's documentation either) as of 2015 / 2559;

on the other hand, no name is honored and no name in documentation IFF Eastern Civilization's physics (i.e. good method & practical function, because you & me would never know whole family can be victim because of name);

regarding Western Civilization's physics: integration a.k.a. adding, differential a.k.a. subtracting; be very careful in mathematics, because, since 1985, 1 = 1 + 1 can be proof by math WHEN dealing with equation sign, also see: Pre School English Typing, and type in " = " (a.k.a. equal sign) and find out its ASCII numerical key value is 61;

regarding Eastern Civilization's physics: hole board is the key for pinpointing strings' Directions; Remark: start with YIN and YANG, i.e. coexistence (hole, string) ... ; and, monks are very smart ... ;

IFF strings' directions: 1st to understand both Day Configuration (human being livable moons dwell, and peaceful & tranquil moons' orbits (e.g. tidal)), and Night Configuration (a.k.a. Constellations), doko WHERE peaceful and tranquil moons' orbits (e.g. 2 moons are on the same orbit WHICH causes our human beings have 2 eyes and WHEN 1 eye moves, another eye follow the same direction (another example would be: humanoids' eyes are SYNC by Moon Wave), ... ); 2nd to understand other side of Constellations doko WHERE no dwelling like moons and very dangerous space and cannot SYNC (a.k.a. green for feedback) yet, and notice that this DOMAIN developer becomes a little dull at 50+ years old age ( Question would be: HOW to do Synchronization beyond solar sail method?); 3rd to develop your own structural (i.e. beyond directional);

similar to Origin of Sound, snaky alike heat sensing pattern can be: e.g. if Y, 's bottom will be not even (refer to snaky alike); e.g. if X, 's right will be not even (refer to snaky alike); remember, WHEN string does not go through, SPL (Sound Pressure Level) begins ... ; also see: pressure;

if peaceful & tranquil Moon Wave's strings are NOT heterodyned, we (cloned human beings, genuine human beings, humanoid human beings) would be very cold (refer to temperature);

holy water have been celebrated by both Eastern Civilization & Western Civilization; because of water, plasma cluster (e.g. air, gas, ... ) begins ... ; Remark: directional gravity spots can control wind's direction;

this DOMAIN program to measure Distance by yellowish variations (e.g. 5mm yellowish variation, 10mm yellowish variation, ... ), and believe it or not, it is the highest technology like Solar Sail; i.e. beyond electrode, beyond sound pattern, beyond zero curvature surface;

regarding ( A, a, a, a, ... ; I, I, i, i, , ... ) based computing, forget about physics (because, too difficult to know all (dimensional, directional, logical, numerological, structural, ... ): Time must be slow down, Space must be defined by graphics within frame, Action must be e.g. each line on X means 1K quantity of items, e.g. 3K quantity can define "name" ... ), kuru kuru WHILE ( CS) begins ... ;

don't forget Eastern Civilization's oriental thought (Time . Space . Action), therefore, waves (also see: SHARP 's D A L (DIRECT ALGEBRAIC LOGIC) inside Schematic Symbols) are measured characteristic by time (Time), characteristic by amplitude (Space) structural type, characteristic by frequency (dynamic, pulse, rate, sequence, static, tone, ... ) Action; in 21st century, regarding other side of Constellation, there is no peaceful & tranquil orbits of moons (again, ACT3 stage space environment obeys YIN and YANG alike coexistence i.e. refer to very very unique 2, e.g. this side of Constellation is peaceful & tranquil orbital, other side is dangerous and non-orbital, i.e. all), and very dangerous (still cannot SYNC), therefore, planetary simulation of solar sail devices to be our solar system alike (heterodyned) space environment 1st, and then very very very far distance space can be further studied (e.g. beyond gray scaled simulation, beyond lights stretch, beyond Origin of Sound, beyond yellowish variations) ... ;

after all (heterodyned space, non-heterodyned space) , NOT to mention the most important gravity i.e. do it yourself, and gravity is not for sale 103% ... ; hint: regarding true space system, combustion system is not solution, jet system is not solution, vacuum system is not solution, ... ; if this DOMAIN 's contents are installed, and then find out HOW computer becomes elevated lighter weight; if you like to do your own homemade light projects HOW lights can be defined by nm (e.g. 345 nm, 456 nm, 567 nm), also see: Swap, because, nowadays, LED (Light Emitting Diodes) are easy to buy, and all you have to do is HOW to define and then regulate with your own chip (some chips regulate time period) sets; and, don't forget WHEN light exists, DEE also co-exist (again, reminder: very very unique 2, coexistence); if you can do your own momentum (e.g. solar power), and then, you must define environment (close, open) HOW your solar power behaves upon defined chip sets' light value; i.e. very basic understanding of HOW gravity is ... ; and then add more parameters e.g. pressure, sound, temperature, water, ... ; once you know lights thoroughly, you'll be gravitational physicist ... ;

acoustical ( audio, hearing ( hear),  music (e.g. musical time), sound, tone); moon Radical96; astronomical (e.g. human beings livable moons in our universes); AVS (( heat (e.g. Ampere),  Diff Potential (e.g. Voltage), System (e.g. combination of A and V)) e.g. interfaces, materials, processing); crystallographic; Weather (our earth's meteorological); (iroLED, LED, light, seeing, Specialties OPH, vision) i.e. optical; Methods i.e. physical; physics students; physics teachers; MD (physicists in medicine); fluid, liquid, Radical310 (rheology) e.g. deformation, flow of liquid, flow of matter, and flow of solid; ... ;

Also see: CHEMISTRY ... ;


this DOMAIN 's contents are developed for the purpose of peaceful and tranquil environment;

IFF war, also see: admiral; commander; Radical344;