cUsage     Last updated on 2017/2561 6 9, a full moon day;

cell of a grid; also see: m Usage;

chi chi, lagging, slow, tardy;

Chika (female name); Radical102;

Chikai (i.e. given name); Radical140;

chirin chirin, ding dong, bell's ringing sound ... , also see, gohn gohn ...

Chiyon (family name, surname); Radical260;

choki choki, hair is being cut, paper is being cut, hair has been choki choki for 20 minutes, ...

Chou (family name, surname); Chousa (family name, surname); Radical345;

Cun unit, unit of length, in traditional Chinese; Radical48;

Numbers in Dhamma;

cry; also see: sad, sad, pun pun;