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G g;

angle (cone-generating angle) ... ;


e.g. getting idea; getting opinion; getting permit; getting ready; getting things; ... ;


hiroro grass;
mowada grass;

Gravity Dimension Computer (GDC) IFF SQRT2, 1.414213562373095048801688724209... as value; 88...88;
GDC, Gravity Dimension Computer, IFF SQRT2, general rational fraction sequence numbers as reference; 98 IFF term is 10;

Greek extended; Greek symbols and Coptic; also see: AI FONT;

Grenada, , , , 1;

dark gray, dark grey, slate color, slate colour;

from abnormal growth rate to normal growth rate; Also see: Gene Therapy System Basic Symbol;

(GUI) Graphical User Interface;

e.g. computer screen;

e.g. mouse in Katakana, also see: Radical249;

e.g. MTI, Multi Touch Interface;