Last updated on 2020/2563 1 10, a full moon day;     H     h;     hCharacter;     Also see: h Usage;

h  position a.k.a. horizontal position ;

hair e.g.

bristle; hair ornament; Radical69;

do up (organize) hair; Radical592;

hair;     hair;

hair Growth Inhibitor, also see: Gene Therapy System Basic Symbol;     (gray scale simulation: {11,11,11} color, {E3,E3,E3} color, black color, gray color, silver color) Remark: hairs grow because of blue-to-green ({E3,E3,E3} color, silver color); (either maroon color or red color) is one of the limitations in 2,3 dimensional imaginary hyper space environment (a.k.a. ACT2); white color is Dermis; yellow color is Sebaceous gland;    

long hair; mane; Radical226;

on some moons (beyond 2,3 dimensional space environment), lack of E M (Electro Magnetic) environment causes lights NOT to be obeying BF2 ... ; color; Radical172;

arms; halberd; Radical139;


halberd; spear; Radical84;

IFF prefix: half * ; just a little; partially; semi * ; somehow; somewhat; vaguely; Radical129;

half      half      halves

half an hour


hamachi                    also see: Sushi;


虈 : one of the Han characters;

Hana Matsuri, a flower festival, in Mahayana Buddhism [Buddhism] ;

arm; hand; Radical86, also see: Radicals;

hand      hand      teHand

hand drum; Radical248;

handicraft a.k.a. manmade ;

handle; handled; handler; handlers; handles; handling; e.g.

a handle; hikite Handle; Radical815;

DEE _ Fan _ With _ Handle; Also see: DEE; Gene Therapy System Basic Symbol;

hikite Handle      handle      handle ;

Two Sided Handler; Two Sided Handler; Also see: Basic Understanding For Idea Processing;

drill; exercise; hands-on training ; practical training; practice in the field; training;

hang       hung      hung

hanging scroll; width; Radical59;

hanko, since 17th century, Japanese signature stamp, sign digital hanko, seal, name stamp; 2 types of hanko: _ seal registration certificate a.k.a. official hanko; _ personal hanko;

to happen again; Radical579;

happily; happiness; happy; e.g.

happily ever after ... ;

happiness; hope; Radical400;

happiness; Radical332;

happy ; ;

reliable happiness, also see: the discourse on the journey to reliable happiness maggagata sutta ;

IFF our earth: factories and harbors, also see: business a.k.a. Biz;

hard; e.g.

  hard      hard      hard  ; ;

IFF computer ( +) i.e. hardware;

IFF computer ( -) i.e. software;

(item, object, organ, part, thing) coexistence: (hard, soft) ... ; Also see: Gene Therapy System Basic Symbol;

hard work      hard work  

hardship; toil; trouble; Radical698;

harmonize; mediate; Radical611;

accept; comply; get; have; take; Radical417;

have       had      had

has; have; had; In a life time, everyone does ... , a hand points to the moon , means has, have, had, ... ;

hash      hash      hash


kilesa (e.g. delusion, lust, hatred, mental defilement, passion, ... ) can be eradicated, or reduced by meditation; Remark: Majjhima way a.k.a. Middle Path should be ... ; Radical333;


HD high - definition

HD hard disk;

High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection ( HDCP) ... ;

kare He      he

his     him;

coexistence, also see: kanojo She;

head e.g.

chief; elder; head; leader; major; merit; strong point; superiority; Radical210;

counter for animals; head; Radical132;

head       head       head       head

head; head of a doll; Radical220;

head; main; real; regular; Radical662;

head (of a line)

head of a household , also see: Radical289;

head of household ;

therapeutic Head & Neck, also see: Gene Therapy System Basic Symbol;

therapeutic Migraine Headache;

heal; healed; healing; e.g.

cure; heal; Radical959;

healing ;

this DOMAIN 's content development (creating very nice weather at defined locations, curing many defined diseases, healing many defined disorders, keeping healthy environment, prolonging life expectancy of we human beings) ... ; Also see: Oh My Lord;

condition; health ; manner; state;

heap; pile; Radical54;

ear; hearing; Radical163;

hear       heard     heard



((hearing; listen; Radical851), (learn; memorize; remember; Radical454)) chokaku Hearing;

Idea Processor (one of the fives (form): 1&1; hearing (1&1)) ... ;

heart; e.g.

Also see: PHYSICS (law twenty nine) ... ; IFF MD, also see: Specialties CD;

care; desire; heart; liking; mind; taste; Radical898;

heart      heart

heart; mind; spirit; Radical83;

heat; heated; heating; e.g.

2HeatSensingPattern (for each human beings livable moon); Also see: Schematic Symbols;

a.k.a. temperature;

Also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 2; idea ♯ 218; Heat;

Anti Heat Wave; Heat Wave; also see: Schematic Dimensional;

heat      heat      heat

Remote Heat Sensing (IFF our earth, it obeys 1 way DEE); Also see: Radicals;

heat Dimensional (our earth, based on no yellowish variation); Also see: Schematic Dimensional;

idea ♯ 253, Remote Heat Sensing, also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 3;

regarding "open system" e.g. natural environment, e.g. space environment, "to seal heat" , as opposed to reduce heat; "to reduce heat" , as opposed to seal heat; Also see: physics (law forty) ... ;

heave     hove      hove

heavens ; imperial; sky;

heaven      tengoku Heaven      heaven      heaven  

heaven beings ; in Buddhism, 6 heavenly ones are:

Catummahārājika (also see: c Pali);

Tāvatimsa, Tusita, (also see: t Pali);

Nimmānarati, (also see: n Pali);

Paranimmitta Vasatti, (also see: p Pali);

and Yāma (also see: y Pali);

heaven; Radical666;

heavy      heavy   


Heisei      Heisei , 125th imperial era, 1989 ~          ;

Heisei Foundation for Basic Science ; in 2016 / 2560, at the age of 83+, the NIPPON Emperor Akihito (son of Emperor Shōwa) requested officially to transfer Throne to the 1st son Crown Prince Naruhito to be the Emperor of NIPPON (Japan) e.g. 126th imperial era ... ;

Showa era 1926 ~ 1989; Taisho era 1912 ~ 1926;

Meiji era 1868 ~ 1912; Edo period 1603 ~ 1867;

Azuchi-Momoyama period 1573 ~ 1598;

Muromachi period 1392 ~ 1573;

Nanbokucho period 1336 ~ 1392;

Kamakura period 1192 ~ 1333;

Heian period 794 ~ 1192;

Tenpyo a.k.a. Late Nara 710 ~ 794;

Nara period 710 ~ 784;

Hakuho a.k.a. Late Asuka 645 ~ 710;

Asuka period 592 ~ 710;

hello!     konnichiwaHello

assist; help; Radical358;

help     help

dish; helping; plate; Radical137;


hematologic, also see: MD;


Blood Flow (hemoglobin, red protein), also see: Gene Therapy System Basic Symbol;


flax; hemp; numb; Radical237, also see: Radicals;




fragrant herb; grow; spiced liqueur; spread; Radical228;

here; here, physically close to (e.g. this place, this position) ... ;

fast; finally; follow; here; relate; self; Radical164;



hew      hewed      hewn

hex      HEX ;


fur; hide; pelt; skin; Radical136;

hide      hid      hidden

conceal; fishhook; hidden; minute; mysterious; secret; small; Radical287;

hidden      hidden

hiding shelter to a criminal; Radical323;


Higan, a festival in Mahayana Buddhism [Buddhism], also see: Obon;

IFF prefix, e.g. high * ; Radical225, also see: Radicals;

high      high      high

IFF suffix, e.g. * high school; Radical225;

expensive; high; tall; Radical225, also see: Radicals;

high definition, also see: HDTV;

high dimension      higher dimensions ;

high speed communication      high speed communication ;

highlight      highlight

WHY are you using many highlighted iroColourWaveForm based colorful words in this DOMAIN sir ? well trained kids ! 1st to understand Keyword (e.g. specific state); 2nd to understand barcode (e.g. UPC vs. RFID) doko WHERE this DOMAIN has been color coding for each barcode, regarding billions and billions of ... ; 3rd to understand kuru kuru WHILE (e.g. using device, IoT, logo, OEM, NFC, ... ) system is a combination of items, objects, things, ... ;

hill; hills; hilly; e.g.

hill ;

hill; mountain; Radical54;


door; hinge; pivot;

hip; waist; Radical897;


Nippon language, also see: Katakana;

hirame                    also see: Sushi;



history; past; Radical95;



rekishi History; Radical995;

hit; Radical892;

hit       hit      hit


hit (be on target);

Hitachi ;

hog; pig; Radical185, also see: Radicals;

hold       held      held ;

hole e.g.

aperture; cave; den; hole; slit; Radical145;


in Nested Theory of Eastern Civilization, (hole, string) are coexistence alike;



home e.g.

entrance to a home, Radical85, also see: Radicals;

home; house; Radical512;

uchi Home     home     home     home     home;

uchi Home  ;

home  ;


fidelity; honesty; sincerity; Radical791;

Honke, main household of family ; Special Radical 253;

honorable prefix


bound; hop; jump; leap; spring; vault; Radical715;

happiness; hope; Radical400;

chance; hope; idea; look at; see; visible; Radical180;

horizontal e.g.

1 line horizontally; horizontal level; Radical1;

horizontal Beating Form (Gene Therapy System), also see: also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 3, idea ♯ 279, Beating Form (our earth based);

horn; Radical181;


horse      horse      horse

also see: zodiac;

Radical223, also see: Radicals;

hospital      hospital      hospital

host     host

Fuse Box Logic AC; Fuse Box, a.k.a. Breaker Box (hot); also see: Schematic Symbols;

hot taste

hotspot      hotspot

hour e.g.

12 Hours Fasting Glucose ( 12HFG), also see: 6hComputer;

12 hours Fasting Lipid Panel ( 12hFLP), also see: 4fComputer;

24-hour format;

hour     hour;

hour ; jikan; time;

hour; time; Radical501;

house      house      house       house       house  

house for rent

household      household


how ; HOW ; Also see: h Usage;

How are you?          you good     

how many

how many days ;

IFF conjunction: but; however; nevertheless; Radical321;

however      however      however      however      however

but; however; nevertheless; yet; Radical161, also see: Radicals;

HTML      Hyper Text Markup Language

plain text;

hub      hub ;

enormous; gigantic; huge; Radical149;

huge      huge

human; human beings; humane; humanity; humanoid; e.g.

human beings; Radical9, also see: Radicals;

human      human being; ;

humanoid      humanoid;



humid (wet);

hundred; Radical280;

hundred      hundred      hyukuHundred      hundred 100 ;


hurt      hurt      hurt

hurry; Radical839;

husband , also see: Radical289;


bark; husk; peel; rind; Radical136;

HYBRID      hybrid

hydrogen      hydrogen

(1; Hydrogen; H; 1.007 94 u), also see: Chemical Elements;

Hydrogen Ion Hydrogen Ion

Hydronium Ion Hydronium Ion

Hydroxide Ion Hydroxide Ion

Hydroxoniums Ion Hydroxoniums Ion

eulogy; hymn; paean; song of praise; triumph;

hyper      hyper


hyper-      hyper-


hypo      hypo