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I i; 

        ICC ;        
  also see : Display ;        
  also see : ID ;        
        e.g. 431265.icc ;      

WHAT is I C C ? iroColourWaveForm 's artificial intelligence way to display, a.k.a. Integrated Circuit Card; Must to figure heterodyned indexes ... , because, Lo Shu 's any direction (Y = X2) from iroColour ... can also represent each side (e.g. WHAT kind of frame's WHICH side);

databases (e.g. IBM DB2, Informix, MS SQL Server, My SQL, Netezza, Oracle, Sybase, Vector wise) also see: Cloud;

I E E E          
        IEEE , Institute of Electrical and
  Electronic s Engineer ;          

COMPUTER, also see: www.computer.org;

(immunoassay, occult blood, stool) Dx results (negative, positive), also see: Gene Therapy System ... ;

(INCLUSIVE-) OR gate, i.e. (INCLUSIVE-) OR element;

(individual, patient, person, Pt (Patient), user), also see: Gene Therapy System;

language code (1248) Indonesian language; Also see: Keyword to Port Number;

              install ;
        e.g.   AI  
          idea processor ;

validating install;

any type (booleans: false, true; characters; integers: e.g. -3, -2, -1, 0, 1, 2, 3, ... ; natural numbers: e.g. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, ... ; rational s: i.e. x/y WHERE x is integer, y is integer, and y is not zero; real s; set of ... , e.g. addition, infinite, multiplication; ) any type;

programming e.g. ( dynamic, goal, integer, linear, multi level, multi objective, nonlinear, toward uncertain) ... ; also see: Numerical values in numerology; Numerological Dimensional Tree Structure Topology;


I N T E R N E T internet
9 5 2 5 9 5 5 2 INTERNET
  IPv6 statistics ;  
  IPv4 statistics ;
LAN Wireless statistics ;
LAN Ethernet statistics ;
broad band ; device ; interface s ; home network
; NAT table ; status ;        

Internet Content Connection Status;

Internet Explorer, i.e. browser name;

Internet of Things ( IoT) e.g. Automotives, home appliances, smart devices, ... ; AI (Artificial Intelligence) to do e.g. WHICH time zone, e.g. doko WHERE present location, e.g. WHAT 's its OEM name AND model, ... ; ( Language Translator, TRANSLATOR) ... ;

archived; bin; cleanup; defender; download; error; file; internet; log; offline; per; program; recycle; report; setup; system; temporary; thumbnail; update; user; webpage; windows;

internet time server; Also see: Server;

Phong shading (interpolation) technique ... ; Also see: Graphics;

invisibility ;          
              filter ;
    invisibility ( as oppose d to visibility )

IPv4 protocol / ARP opcode, i.e. system (open flow) ... ; Also see: HYBRID ... ;

iroColourWaveForm, also see: Schematic Symbol;

Itsu, also see: iUsage;

(IX) information exchange;