Last updated on 2018/2562 12 22, a full moon day;     I     i;     i;     iCharacter;     Also see: i Usage;

i      i

one of the trigrams of I Ching (mountain, northeast); Radical171;

atta (i.e. in Pali);

me      me;



I (OR me) oneself;

I; me; myself; Radical129;

I; myself; Radical31;

I ; me; oneself;


i.e., that is ... ;





IC (i.e. Integrated Circuit)     IC


ice      ice


icon      icon      icon      icon

idea e.g.

chance; hope; idea; look at; see; visible; Radical180;

embedded; Radical693 (idea processor) ... ;

idea      idea      shisō Idea

idea (thought);

idea, a.k.a. opinion;

Idea Processor; content development (idea processor) ... ; Idea Processor ( DEE, the most powerful energy) must be using for peaceful & tranquil purpose only;

idea; thought; Radical898;

identification      identification




IFF, a.k.a. IF-AND-ONLY-IF, equivalence operation;

IFF, a.k.a. if and only if, fixed condition;



IIS      IIS      IIS

ika                    also see: Sushi;


Gene Therapy System index, correct genetic disorders (491694591) : abnormality; ail ness; ailment; bad condition; chaos; complication; confusion; disease; disorder; illness; irregularity; malady; mess; sickness; strangeness; untidiness; disorders;

illumination (light or lighting); Radical400;

illusion of the reality of matter


immature; unripe; young; Radical206, also see: Radicals;


figure; image; picture; portrait; statue; Radical793;

image       image       image      image




immune cell      immune cell      immune cell


heavens; imperial ; sky; in Buddhism, Yama is one of the heavens, also see: yPali;

dragon; imperial; Radical231;

imperial era Heisei , 125th Emperor Akihito;

imperial capital e.g. Kyoto; Radical316;

imperial palace ;

imperial palace ;

imperial prince ;

imperial princess ;

imperial residence  ;

IFF The Empire Day (e.g. 23rd December in Gregorian Calendar), also see: Time;

imperial tomb;

imperial tomb, 660BC 1st Emperor Jimmu a.k.a. Kamuyamato Iwarebiko ~ 1989AD 124th Emperor Showa a.k.a. Hirohito; Imperial tombs, 11+ ancient emperors' graves are not available to public, however limited access is available to researchers since 2007;

imperial we; majestic plural; Radical639;


ability; container; implement ; instrument; receptacle; set; tool; utensil; vessel; Radical317;


implicit; tacit;

Contents; detail; import; matter; subject; substance;

important , also see: Radical289;

alter; change; check; correct; examine; improve ; inspect; mend; reform; replace; revise;

advance; development; improvement; progress; Radical796;


impudence; Radical129, also see: Radicals;

in e.g.

by the way; in passing ; in this connection; incidentally;

free; in addition; only; Radical321;

in addition      in addition (besides);

in advance ;

in anticipation ;

in, as opposed to out;

in connection with ;

in (e.g. login);

in front; Radical496;

in* *   in*

in      in      in     

in the world (on earth);

two (2) is very very unique in many ways e.g. (Able, Disable), (abnormal, normal), (acceptable %, unacceptable %), (approved, NOT approved), (assemble, disassemble), (Bad, Good), (begin, end), (Bias, Neutral), (cheap, expensive), (clinically proven, clinically NOT proven), (close, open), (constant, variable), (Constructive, Destructive), (Core, Shell), (countable, uncountable), (day, night), (DEE, lights), (defined, undefined), (Dead, Live), (Directional, Heuristic), (do, don't), (down, up), (echo readable, echo unreadable), (expected, unexpected), (Explicitly, Implicitly), (FALSE, TRUE), (Female, Male), (first, last), (focused, un-focus), (foe, friend), (Hard, Soft), (hardware, software), (healthy, unhealthy), (High, Low), (Hyper, Hypo), (Illegal, Legal), (increasing, reducing), (inner, outer), (invisible, visible), (inward, outward), (interior, exterior), (joining to be together, splitting to be apart), (known, unknown), (Left, Right), (light-weight, heavy-weight), (local, remote), (lock, unlock), (Long, Short), (Manmade Global Weather, natural global weather), (marked, unmarked), (matched, mismatched), (Minus, Plus), (mono, stereo), (Negative, Positive), (no, yes), (non-standard, standard), (nothing, something), (Old, Young), (one way, many ways), (Opaque, Transparency), (project-able, un-project-able), (receive, send), (safe, unsafe), (seen, unseen), (setting, unsetting), (SQRT2, SQRT3), (wire, Wireless), (with metta, without metta), (within limit, without limit), (Wrapped, Unwrapped), (zoom-in, zoom-out), ... , also see: jinko chino Artificial Intelligence;

incandescent light bulb; light bulb; Radical535;

incense; perfume; smell; Radical221;

incense      incense : since 1575, www nipponkodo com, in 2009 available fragrances are amber, cedar wood, cinnamon, fig, gardenia, green tea, iris, jasmine, lavender, lotus, mimosa, musk, patchouli a.k.a. Tamil patchai, pine, rose, sandalwood, vanilla, and yuzu a.k.a. Japanese citron;

Also see: incense fragrance environmental engineering;

include      include      include      include      include

get pay; income; obtain; reap; to receive supply; to store; Radical622;

incoming e.g. devices initiate the connection; also see: outgoing;

expand; extend; increase ; lengthen; stretch; Also see: Numerological7;

increase      increase      increase      increase

bizarre; dazzling; excellent; extraordinary; fantastic; incredible; magical; magnificent; marvelous; outstanding; plausible; sensational; splendid; superb; unbelievable; wonderful; wondrous; Also see: Radical263;



indestructible concentration;

index INDEX    index      index      index



India (Geographical domain: (.in)); India;

आ : second vowel in Hindi language;

indicate      indicator

individual e.g.

individual      individual      individually;

individual ; individually ;

individual soul;

(individual, patient, person, Pt (Patient), user), also see: Gene Therapy System Basic Symbol;

Indonesia      Indonesian language



2 (categories, kinds, methods, types, ways) of logic are (deduction logic, induction logic), doko WHERE

deduction logic (form), also see: Radical669;
induction logic (whole), also see: Radical399;

Also see: philosophy;

industry ;


industry; Radical246, also see: Radicals;

inexperienced; Radical129;

infections; Also see: Specialties APM;

infer     to infer

deduction; inference ; suiron Inference;

inference knowledge, also see: 2 kinds of vipassanā knowledge;

Anti Inflammatory, as opposed to inflammation; Also see:   Gene Therapy System;


influence e.g.

change; enchant; influence; Radical661;

influence; power; Radical400;

influence ;


info      Info


information      information ;

    DEE is faster than light ... ; INFO is also faster than light ... ;  


infrared ;

infrastructure ; structure;

ingredient; material; Radical118;



file's name type (e.g. *.ini ) initialization; INI, also see: 5iComputer;

injustice; mistake; negative; Radical207;


inner strength;

inner strength; spirit; vitality; Radical83, also see: Radicals;

innocence; Radical135;


input      input      input      input      input

input logical value;

input: analog;


inquiry carefully; Radical851;

insatiable desire for more

bug; insect; cricket; moth; worm; Radical174;

insect without leg; Radical186, also see: Radicals;

inside; within; Radical512;

alter; change; check; correct; examine; improve; inspect ; mend; reform; replace; revise;

admit; install; pull; quote; refer to; Radical815;

install      installed      install

carapace; grade A; instep; shell; the 1st party; Radical256, also see: Radicals;

instinct      instinct

because of "Light Instinct" , our body's bio (items, objects, things, ... ) are gathered to be together; in ACT2 imaginary hyper space (e.g. 2,3 dimensional, inner ring of our universe, inside-of-nested-area), regarding Nested Theory of Eastern Civilization (Gene Therapy System index), since (heat and light) are at the same location (only in our earth), and our earth is without yellowish variation and yellow core planet, and iroColourWaveForm (lights' intensities) e.g. color codes, color coding, colorful, ... can be defined; (approx. since 2010)  our body's bio (items, objects, things, ... ) obeys NOT ONLY iroColourWaveForm (lights' intensities), BUT ALSO (approx. since 2000) C Sequence Number (BF1) growth rate, this DOMAIN 's Gene Therapy System has become able to cure (Also see: ..\..\..\MD\MD) all kinds of bio disorders in ACT1 imaginary hyper space (e.g. our earth's human beings) by its Method (e.g. Directional Gravity Pressure, e.g. Gravity Dimension Computer, e.g. gravity spots, ... ) i.e. via PHYSICS (e.g. (law twenty eight)) way ... ; therefore, in order to survive in 21st century and beyond, hurry up and have Buddha (also see: ..\..\..\Buddha\index) statue at your home, ... ;

explanation; instruction; Radical350;

instruction; procedure; process; protocol; sequence;

instruction      instruction

in Hiragana as suffix: device; container; instrument; vessel; Radical317;

ability; container; implement; instrument ; receptacle; set; tool; utensil; vessel;

control; wind-instrument; jurisdiction; Radical555;

stringed instrument; Radical313;


instrument e.g. device, equipment, machine, object a.k.a. things, tool, ... ;

instrumentation      instrumentation

integer      integer

integer logic, also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 3; idea ♯ 265; Logic;

integumentary, also see: MD;

artificial intelligence      artificial intelligence ; jinko chino;


cipher ; code ; password ; e.g. IO (Input, Output) interactive ... ;

intercede; Radical60;


interface      interface      interface

e.g. connect on interface;

interfere; Radical60, also see: Radicals;


international      international      international      international ;

Internet e.g.

   internet      INTERNET      internet  

INTERNET     internet

power of the Internet must be peaceful & tranquil;

(comprehensible; logical to be; reasonable to be; to operate between (running between)); Radical711;

to interpret; to translate; Radical951;

interpret      interpretation      interpreter

tsuyaku Interpreter;

interval        interval




inverted; opposite; reverse; wicked;

investigate; meter; musical key; prepare; tone; tune; writing style; Radical611;


invisibility      invisibility      invisibility

invitation      invitation


ion      ion


IOT, Internet of Things; IoT; Autonomous Decentralized System;

iota i.e. Ι, ι;

ipsCell      ipsCell

IPv6; IPv4; e.g.

IPv6 e.g. eight groups of 16 bit each :

IPv6      IPv6     IPv6      IPv6;

IPv4; IPv4, also see: (ability to cope; Radical86); dot dot dot;

metal iron (26) e.g. Fe, Ferr, Ferro, Iron, 55.8; Radicals200, also see: Radicals;

is      is       was      were      

are on; is on; Also see: Radical888;

is not;

is      is

is not      is not

IFF suffix: e.g. * i s h; Radical692;

island      island      island ;



edition; make; model; number; issue; Radical299;


it      it     IT, Information Technology;



item e.g.

any (component, device, item, object, part, thing) WHICH ;

call; item; name; nickname; number; pseudonym; title; Radical299;

counter for long and narrow items (e.g. candle, gun, hoe, ink stick, oar, scissor, spade) ... ; Radical260;

item; quality; stock; Radical222;

item      1 item      item      item

item (in list) ;

item of business ;


ITU      ITU