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Janaka, monk (bhikkhu) 's name in meaningful Pali;

JARᾹ VAGGA; also see: vagga;

jarā-marana, ... jāti is inevitable WHICH causes old age and death ... aka jarā-marana; Cause and effect, aka , aka co-existence, aka 2, if it comes to be on account of, and then if the cause ceases, the effect also must cease, defined in Paticca Samuppāda;

Jātaka, Birth stories; also see: Khuddaka nikāya is subdivided into 15 books;  5.*   ;

Kaccāni Jātaka;

Jātaka, Mātaṅga Jātaka;

Mahāyāna jātaka citta bhūmi parīkṣa sūtra;

jāti, ... birth condition ... ;

Jeta-vana, a.k.a. Jetavana, also see: 2008 Ashin Pyinnya Thiha taught suttas .htm;

jhāna, absorption; To loosen and uproot clinging mental defilements [including ditthi, māna, tanhā, ... ], 2 kinds of higher wholesomeness must be developed which are called jhāna; ; jhana, meditative absorption; 1st Jhāna (also known as access concentration, 4 elements meditation); Mindfulness of breathing can be attained at all level of Jhāna (e.g. 1st Jhāna, 2nd Jhāna, 3rd Jhāna, 4th Jhāna); e.g. if you know 2, you must know 1; e.g. to know 3, you must know 1 and 2; e.g. to know 4, you must know 1, 2, and 3; we common people are within 1, 2 steps level only, and very rare to reach 3 and 4; notice THAT 2 out of 6 are excluded, because 2 are somehow related to nama regarding the rest 4 as senses; Another example would be: if you listen music, and you do program using your computer, while seeing WHAT you type, you are beyond 1,2 steps and might be in 3 or 4 level; therefore, some computer programmers practice meditation; (1st Jhāna, 2nd Jhāna, 3rd Jhāna, 4th Jhāna) + 4 kinds of *yatana (Also see: ākāsa nañcā yatana, ākiñcaññā yatana, nevasaññānāsañña yatana, viññā nañcā yatana); 2 types of jhāna are: samatha jhāna (observing single object) and vipassanā jhāna (observing (nāma and rūpa) phenomenon);

jhānas, absorptions, ecstasies;

jīva-atta, an individual soul;

Jotalankara, monk (bhikkhu) 's name in meaningful Pali;