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l     L;

audience, laptop, presentation, tablet, tabletop; Also see: Mode;

IFF (i.e. Latch1, Latch2, Latch3, Latch4, Latch5, Latch6, Latch7, Latch8, Latch9) also see: Processor;

this DOMAIN Idea Processor 's latches ... ; Inside processor, latch is time oriented, fixed distance, dot dot dot, WHERE pipelining architecture is (e.g. similar to MUX), WHAT kinds of instructions are fetched into, WHICH instructions are cached inside very small battery, ... ;

oracle (LCK 0,1, Lock Process) DBA;

letter like symbols, also see: AI FONT;

( AI )     e.g.     OS
linux ;      
Red Hat Linux ; Turbo Linux ; Vine Linux ;
also see : LAMP ;          

oracle (LMHB, Global Cache / En queue Heartbeat Monitor) DBA;

oracle (LMS 0-z, Global Cache Service) DBA;

is equal to Ln , also see: Schematic Symbols ( Y = Ln X), a.k.a. e constant, ... ;

    2 , 3 dimensional Location ;  
location ( a.k.a. place ) ;    
Wi-Fi ( location ) i.e.      
      location accuracy ;        
& ( Ampersand ) ; activity ; diagnostics ;
feedback ; general ; history ; linking ; personalization ;
speech ; typing ;            

1 way DEE with BF2 (i.e. earth's nature location) in (Shakya) universes ... ;

IFF symbolizes our earth's approx. location in our universes ... , also see: Schematic Dimensional;

selected Locations, e.g. everywhere (My Computer, My Network Places, ... ); Also see: search in;

longitude (e.g. ♯♯.♯♯), also see: WORMHOLE;

glance; look; stare; Radical138, also see: Radicals;

start of left-to-right embedding, LRE ... ;