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W w;

WAD, Windows Azure Diagnostics, Also see: Cloud Frame work;

street; tools; town; ward; Radical260;

W, Watt, IFF ((10^17 is Civilization Type 1), (10^(10+17) is Civilization Type 2), (10^(10+10+17) is Civilization Type 3)) i.e. Nikolai Kardashev's exponential ranking of energy, in 1967; Also see: 17;

we human beings; Also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 2; idea ♯ 240;

we've, a.k.a. we have; e.g. We've signed you off; signoff;

weight ;        

IFF Solar Sail for mapping our universes, also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 1, idea ♯ 185, Solar Sail;

1 meter radius of gravity spot might be elevating tons of weight in 2,3 dimensional momentum; For basic understanding, this DOMAIN might be able to do elevating ... ; imaginary hyper space crafts went very very very far in distance i.e. in our universes e.g. (,);

Web Deployment Tool (x64), Microsoft component;

      network ;      
Wide Area Network i.e. WAN ;      

win      win;

winnt32 * also see: command;

(approach, line of action, policy, position, principle);
beam (e.g. X-ray);
(line, track);
contour, form, outline;
(railroad track, route, lane);
wire (e.g. telephone line);

wire instructions: ABA routing number; account name (e.g. title company name); account number; client (name); escrow officer (name); funds to be sent to (e.g. bank name and its address); OBI (e.g. escrow number); reference address (property address); swift code;

(genkin (cash), kogitte (checks), jidou furikae (direct debit), kouza furikae (direct debit), tegata (promissory note), furikomi (wire transfer)) (EFT) Zengin system;

(ATM) network;
(ATMs) machines; also see: Biz;

            SQRT2 WORMHOLE ;
            wormhole ;  
            WORMHOLE ;    

WORMHOLE Parameter e.g. (45, 60, 72) ... ; (60, 72) omni directional, also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 2, ... ;

Also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement (USA's President Day 2/17/2014; idea ♯ 145; Rainbow vs. Wormhole) ... ;